Original price plus push the best way to sell

There are a lot of people doing business, in the face of the cost increase has not dare to increase, because they worry that even if added little, will lose some consumers, they are mostly regular customers, long-term calculation, will lose a lot of business.

However, some people see the business ideal, continue to increase the price, they will say “no worries do not eat, sin is very evil", in fact, do business division of the law, there is no wrong and the difference, the most important thing is to understand the situation, the burden of consumers Ability, is not immutable, a Tong Sheng to the old.

The end of the sale can be added to the increase

Recently, Tsuen Wan has a new real estate launch, Hua Mao full of the city into the ticket situation is ideal, 揸 fit Wu Chongwu said that if the ticket situation continues, will be in a week the original price plus all units, with Chong Wu brother this sentence Words, the amount of tickets into a substantial increase, and even have the opportunity to become a new real estate ticket king, some people do not understand the point to pre-publicity, ticket results should be added when the increase in the push, so that the first batch to buy It is only a good way, but only when the new real estate close to the sale of the remaining small units of the case can be used, and to substantially increase the price, while more commission, at the same time in the But there will be a substantial increase in property agents have a way to find buyers, there is a real transaction will make the people who have bought the real estate will not be trespassing, which is called to increase the fare increase ruthless, property prices keep stable.

Pai toothpaste sales have become the past

I believe that many people do not agree with my argument. They think that if there is no statutory requirement, we should push down the new building units on a case-by-case basis. We will continue to push up property prices and have been happy to buy people. This is a long time ago in the real estate business when the lack of financial resources will do so, because even if the increase in the price increase, there is no day the market did not respond, then the real estate business to cut prices, if the price is still not able to stimulate sales , Even if the Government has canceled the relevant legislation, the developers will not use this method of selling toothpaste, so I think that under the ideal of sales, the original price Plus push may be the best way to sell, not only to meet the needs of people, will win the word of mouth, even if the words of real estate hegemony, are only a conscience of real estate hegemony, I believe this will be the new real estate sales trend.

Tang Wenliang Ji Hui Group Chief Executive Officer