Liang Meifen  “One Ball" Huangpu to Dawan District

Liang Meifen  “One Ball" Huangpu to Dawan District

Residential property prices have fallen, and celebrities have locked in profits. Leung Mei Fen, a member of the Legislative Council of the People’s Liberation Federation, who has been experienced in the sale and purchase of property, has just squandered a “one ball" for $ 6.3 million to hold a two-bedroom home in Hung Hom Whampoa Garden, which is about 9 years old. The price of the flat is lower than that of similar units about six months ago. Two percent.

Renting unit 6.3 million for sale, making 1.62 million

According to market news, Liang Meifen’s Huangpu Garden Phase II, Block 11, Middle Floor, Room G, with a saleable area of ​​389 square feet, was separated by two rooms. Last November, it sold for 7.3 million yuan, but last month it began to cut prices, a total of 100 Ten thousand yuan (about 13.7%), recently sold out at 6.3 million yuan, the price of 16195 yuan. According to the Land Registry, Liang Meifen purchased 2.83 million yuan for the site in 2010. It is reported that it has been used for rent for a long time. The lease was signed in October 2017 and the monthly rent was 16,000 yuan. The “death contract" was completed in the next month. For sale, even if the price is significantly reduced, the book still earns 3.47 million yuan (about 1.2 times).

The above-mentioned unit cost was 6.3 million yuan, which was 7.9 million yuan higher than the same floor area of ​​the same floor B room in July last year, down 1.6 million yuan (about 20.3%), but still higher than the 6 million yuan recorded in the same area last November. The cost is low.

According to the agent, the unit’s cost is too low. “I believe that after the transaction is completed, the hacker will make more indicators." It is not excluded that individual owners will follow the price reduction.

Liang Meifen said that the price of the offer and the price of the price are all the responsibility of the investment agent. “I like to sell it myself" and describe the final price as the target level. There is no bearish market outlook, but it is currently a golden opportunity to enter the Dawan District. Decided to sell Hong Kong and US properties to cash out diversified investment risks and consider going north to home.

According to the information of the Member’s Personal Interest Registers reported to the Legislative Council by the Honourable LEUNG Mei-fun, the update was made on the 14th of this month. It was originally reported to have three residential properties in Hong Kong and was converted into two residential properties, including Kowloon West and Tsuen Wan, Tsuen Wan, New Territories. A property. She has reported property transactions for a number of times since 2009, covering both residential and office properties, as well as US properties. The trading experience is very rich.