Hong Kong Building is the most difficult to bear in the world

Hong Kong Building is the most difficult to bear in the world. It takes 21 years to eat or not drink.

The situation of home ownership in Hong Kong continued to deteriorate. The survey pointed out that the ratio of property prices to the annual income of Hong Kong households exceeded 20 times for the first time and rose to 20.9 times. For the 9th consecutive year, it became the most difficult area in the world to pay for property prices, that is, Hong Kong people should not eat or drink nearly 21 Only then can I buy a home.

The international consultancy Demographia publishes the annual 15th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey: 2019. Hong Kong continues to “grow" the world’s best brother. The median price of the family’s annual income has risen to 20.9 times, which is worse than the figure of 19.8 times in 2018. It is the first time to break 20 times, which is equivalent to not eating for 21 years. Drinking, drinking and drinking can only be bought in Hong Kong. And broke the record high since the record.

The median price of the property is 7.17 million. The annual income of the family is 340,000.

Survey data As of the third quarter of 2018, there are 8 countries and 309 major cities in the world, including Hong Kong, China, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Ireland. On an institutional basis, property prices are more than 5.1 times the annual income, which is already extremely difficult to afford. The affordability of property prices in Hong Kong far exceeds the extremely difficult level of burden. In the world, 79 cities are extremely difficult to afford.

Based on the rise in property prices, the report shows that the median price of property in the third quarter of last year was $7.169 million. The median annual household income was $343,000. Compared with the 2018 report, the median price of property was 6.192 million yuan, 15.8% higher; the median income was reported to be 319,000 yuan in 2018, an increase of about 7.5%. The increase in property prices was higher than the increase in income, so the burden situation deteriorated again.

Since 2011, the organization has included Hong Kong’s data, and it has been the most difficult city in the world for years. In recent years, it has dropped a second place. According to this year’s report, Vancouver, Canada ranks second, with a median monthly household income of 12.6 times. Hong Kong has left the second Canadian Vancouver for nearly nine years, while Sydney, Australia has ranked third with 11.7 times. According to the 2018 report, Sydney ranked second with 12.9 times, Vancouver ranked third with 12.6 times, and ranked second and third this year.

Property prices are gradually falling, but the situation is difficult to reverse in the short term.

However, in fact, property prices in Hong Kong have gradually declined since the third quarter of last year. According to the data of the Central Plains City Leading Index, property prices have fallen by 10% since the high level. The number of consultants is inevitably lagging behind and may not accurately reflect the latest situation. Economist Kwan Kwong-tung believes that the figure is more than 20 times exaggerated. The price of Hong Kong property is too difficult to bear. However, he thinks that property prices are only slowly falling. The current burden of property purchases may be improved. However, it is still extremely difficult to bear. It is still difficult to reverse in the short term.