Vanke 250 million unified free road old building property rights

Vanke 250 million unified free road old building property rights

In recent years, many mainland houses have increased their land bank through the acquisition of old buildings. Among them, Van Man Free Lanes 13 and 13A, which are owned by Vanke, have been shot yesterday and successfully sold at a price of 2.491 billion yuan. Unify project ownership. Another inner house, Agile (3383) or a related person, also took a strong shot on the project No. 2-8 of East Berk Road, Island Island.

Reconstruction of the total floor area up to 65,000 baht

According to the information, the site of the Freeway Project is about 2,445 square feet at the junction of Freedom Road and Victory Road. The property is now a 9-storey residential building completed in 1964 and 6 shops on the ground floor. The property is sold at current conditions. Supreme Davis, who is responsible for the strong shoot, Chen Chaoguo, the managing director of valuation and professional consultancy services, said that the above projects will be merged with Freeway 9 to 11 and are expected to be developed for commercial and residential development. About 65,000 square feet.

The Lands Tribunal has recently received two new applications. Among them, the insider Agile or the person concerned applied for a strong shot on the project No. 2-8 of the Bering Hill Road, Quarry Bay. The site area of ​​the project is about 1.27 million miles. The Civil Service Cooperative is a 6-storey residential building with a building age of about 56 years. The applicant has now acquired over 90% of the title. The current market valuation is about 336 million yuan.

Agile Shen Shen beats Baijiashan Road Property

In addition, the Yonglun Group purchased the New An Building, No. 20-28, Cannon Street, Causeway Bay, which was purchased from New World (0017) for $2.3 billion last year. The remaining two groups failed to acquire and applied for a strong auction to the Lands Tribunal to unify the title. The above property is now an 11-storey high commercial and residential property with a building age of 55 years and a site area of ​​5,387 square meters. It is expected to be redeveloped into a commercial building with a total gross floor of approximately 6.5 million square meters. The current valuation is approximately 767 million yuan.