Chang’an Village 5.5 million Newcastle West Public Housing King

Chang’an Village 5.5 million Newcastle West Public Housing King

The public housing estates came one after another. A high-rise unit in Cheung On Estate, Tsing Yi Public Housing, was sold at a land premium of $5.5 million. The price of the West Public Housing Estate in the innovation sector was a new high. For the first time, the cost of two rooms in Tai Hing Garden in Tuen Mun has broken through the “six balls" and the high price of $6.2 million. The agent pointed out that the release of the same two-bedroom unit in Daxing Garden at a price of 6 million yuan has been extinct.

According to the Land Registry, there are 24 high-rise rooms in the 7th Block of An On House in Chang’an Village. The unit has a usable area of ​​443 square meters. It is an open-plan interval. On the 27th of last month, it was sold at a price of 5.5 million yuan. The average price was 12,415 yuan. The record of public housing prices in the district of Tsing Yi Estate in the same district last year was $1,380,000, which was $120,000 (about 2.2%) and set a record for the cost of the West Public Housing in the New Territories. According to the original owner’s 2009 market value of 1.18 million yuan, the property’s book value increased by 4.32 million yuan (about 3.7 times).

Daxing Garden 2 room households broke six goals

The price of the flats of the Daxing Garden has also broken. The manager of the Central Plains Real Estate Branch, Ye Jinrong, said that the second floor of Block B of Phase 2 of the Housing Estate has a practical area of ​​475 square feet and the two rooms are separated. The original owner called the price of 6.2 million yuan.

In the outer zone, the landlord tried to counter-offer to 6 million yuan. “There is no work for the sawing." In the end, only the price of the project was increased to 6.2 million yuan. The price of the house was 13053 yuan. Six goals." The original owner bought the upper site for 4.08 million yuan in 2015, earning 2.12 million yuan (about 52%).

Yingwan Park 11.25 million stratified record

Midland Realty Sales Manager Chen Zanqiang said that Room A of the 12th floor of Yuetaoxuan, Phase 3 of Yingwan Park, Tung Chung, is a 918 square 3 room with a saleable area. It was received by the outside area for 11.25 million yuan, and the price was 12255 yuan. Except for the transactions of the connected units, the construction price is the highest in the stratification of the housing estates. The original owner invested 4.8 million yuan in the market in 2010, and the book value increased by 6.45 million yuan.