Guo Bingxiang’s confidante has been introduced to Yangming Villa

Guo Bingxiang’s confidante has been introduced to Yangming Villa

Guo Bingxiang, former chairman of Xindi (00016) and chairman of the Imperial Group, passed away in October last year. Yesterday, a media report reported that his confidante Tang Jinxin (Ida) recently passed a foreign company and accused Guo Bingxiang of being a lawyer and friend, asking the other party to surrender. The company was entrusted by Guo Bingxiang to hold a 50% stake in a private company in Yangmingshanzhuang. The report also described that Tang Jinxin was in the process of this time, or kicked off in the future.

Empire Group refused to respond

The Guo Bingxiang family and the Imperial Group said through a spokesman that they did not respond to the incident.

The plaintiff was a BVI company Fortune Aces Limited, founded by Guo Bingxiang. Tang Jinxin is a director of the company. The defendant is Zhong Liantong, a practicing lawyer who is familiar with Guo Bingxiang. The property involved is located on the 2nd floor of Block 6, Lingyunge, Yangmingshan Village, Taitan, according to the land registration. According to the data, the unit construction area is 2722 square meters, and the practical area is 2167 square meters. In April 2004, Huaxin Development purchased it for 18.8 million yuan. Huaxin Development was held by a pair of Pan couples until June 2017. They transferred all of Huaxin Development’s equity to Fortune Aces and Zhong Liantong, each holding 50% of the shares.

“Headline Daily" reported that the property involved was Guo Bingxiang’s money and sent to Tang Jinxin, but Guo Bingxiang was not allowed to be known by his family. He was in the name of BVI company and was introduced by Zhonglian lawyer Zhong Liantong to buy in China in trust form. On the new development of the equity, Zhong Liantong signed a trust statement on June 7, 2017, holding Huaxin shares for Fortune Aces.

After Guo Bingxiang’s death, Guo Bingxiang’s widow Li Tianying appointed a lawyer to find out all the bank accounts, private companies and offshore companies under Guo Bingxiang’s name. Therefore, it was learned that Guo Bingxiang spent 40 million yuan in private accounts to pay for the above-mentioned Yangming Villa units. At the price, I sent a lawyer’s letter to Tang Jinxin asking the other party to hand over the property.

The report also mentioned that Tang Jinxin’s property was Guo Bingxiang’s “love gift” to her. Therefore, she decided to enter through Fortune Aces and asked Zhong Liantong to agree to appoint two Huaxin Development Directors and prohibit the clock according to the instructions of Fortune Aces. Liantong disclosed the company information obtained as a trustee of Huaxin Development Equity to any third party without the consent or permission of Fortune Aces. According to the website of the Judiciary, the case has been scheduled to be submitted on June 5 this year.