Wing Lung: small interest rates slow interest rate environment continued

Bank brewing room by the preferential suction, Wing Lung assistant general manager and retail banking director Zhong Shaoquan said that the current interest rate reduction is small, the bank to provide high interest rates linked to 60% of the balance of mortgage loans, interest rate effect, The environment continues.

Hands trading dominates bank competition

The HKMA has increased the bank-weighted risk ratio (RWA) in the year to increase capital costs and curb the rate hike. And recently a number of banks low-key for the floor rate and cash rebate offer to make adjustments, Zhong Shaoquan and pointed out that the market demand for rigid, but the multi-round counter-cyclical measures, single-handed and second-hand volume decreased, the greater the amount, The market is relatively low, the market to small and medium-sized units trading, the total turnover of silver code to narrow, “a cake fine", bank competition has intensified.

Individual large banks tend to pursue market share, the use of interest rates attract passengers, but most of the small and medium-sized banks require a reasonable level of profit, in accordance with market conditions to follow the rate cut, according to the current situation, I believe there will be a lot of interest rate cuts, The space is very limited.

Zhong Shaoquan: low interest rate environment property market continued stability

The current savings deposit rates are generally close to zero interest rates, high interest rates linked to the market by the market welcomed. Zhong Shaoquan refers to the light of the capital line, pay attention to wealth management business, and mortgage is an indispensable part of the bank will provide the interest rate linked with the deposit account, the high interest rate deposit to the mortgage loan balance of 60 %, 50% higher than the market, 10% higher.

In other words, if the loan amount of 100 million, enjoy a high interest rate deposit of 600,000 yuan, interest can be used as a direct deduction of mortgage loans, so that customers can enjoy greater interest rates.

The recent Hong Kong dollar interest rate rise, Zhong Shaoquan that the US Federal Reserve announced the pace of moderate pace, step by step, to reduce the debt back to the pre-2008 financial crisis level, it is estimated that takes about 4 to 5 years, the impact of low interest rates, Bureau of the second half of the debt financing action, have the opportunity to raise interest rates for one of the reasons.

However, the US economic data is ideal, the core inflation has improved, the opportunity to raise interest rates in December, is expected to have the opportunity to raise interest rates three times next year. Referring to the change in interest rates in Hong Kong for nearly one year, he said that in December last year, the one-month rate was raised to about 0.75% in response to Mainland policy adjustments. However, the current interest rate remained between 0.5% and 0.7% The level of interest rate of about $ 200 billion has not seen a lot of money flow, and the rate of interest rate hike in Hong Kong during the year is very low. The

Given the global economic factors, the US table and interest rate hike will not make a long time to reverse the flow of funds, local banks to raise interest rates little pressure, it is estimated that Hong Kong can still be in a low interest rate next year, optimistic about the property market trend, is expected to play a stabilizing role.