Jinhai II sold 131 people on Sunday to discuss short-term attack

New developers are selling hot. Tseung Kwan O Jinhai II will be on sale for the next round of the week (29th), with no new arrangements for another round, and another new group will be launched in the short term.

New Territories (00016) Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Cannes Jinhai II on sale on Sunday the first batch of 227, immediately sold out, developers take the momentum plus 131, yesterday to sell sales arrangements, push the 131 sales on Sunday, Big hand arrangement, each buyer to purchase up to 2 groups, while not to the corner of the first priority, all buyers are required to sign the ball, Saturday cut the votes. The project is currently collecting more than 2,100 votes, exceeding 15 times.

Xindi Deputy Managing Director Thunder stressed that this time will be the last large sales in Jinhai, next month will focus on the sale of North Point Hai Xuan and Southwest Kowloon Xi Xi II, which Hai Xuan today will announce the latest sales deployment, have the opportunity This month upload the book, starting next month double hair.

My Central Featured Bidding

In addition, Cheung Kong (01113) Sheung Central My Central will sell the second round on Friday, involving 68 guys. Market news that accumulated more than 1,000 votes, more than 13 times the excess, the market reaction is ideal, the developers took the opportunity to launch a special household tender.

Mr. Shi said that the group will be on the 30th of this month on the project 39 floor A, B, D and E room a total of four special households to tender their own, has now begun to distribute the tender documents, will be Follow the original payment arrangements, and cut the date of the date of November 30, do not rule out the market as early as possible cut off.

The above four specialists include the largest 39-room E room, designated CENTRAL SKY, with a usable area of ​​1,132 sq ft and a 284 sq ft platform with the remaining 3 flats ranging from 827 and 966 sq ft to 196 321 square feet platform.

CITIC Haitan Street project today offer

(00012) Quarry Bay Chung Ho Peak, announced the sales arrangements within the next week, the first round of sales next week, the project is currently accumulated more than 160 votes in the first batch of 93 shares have been exceeded.

CITIC Pacific’s KADOORIA and Far East Development (00035) Sham Shui Po Haitian Street project will be released today, the latest sales deployment, the former provides 77 layers of stratified units, the effective area of ​​1,267 to 3,162 square feet; the latter is pending pre-sale, The

Wheelock’s ISLAND RESIDENCE recorded 1 transaction, 18 floor A room unit, the usable area of ​​391 square feet, the price of 8,031,000 yuan, the price of 20,540 yuan per square foot. Project sales of 144 shares, accounting for more than 9 percent of the available units for sale, the total set of more than 1.05 billion yuan.