The price of Tianzhu is 98,000.

The cost of new luxury homes in Ho Man Tin Station has hit record highs. The new casting of Tiandi (00016) has once again set a record for the price of the price. The No. 8 house was sold for more than 333 million yuan, with a price of 98,000 yuan to create a new high in the Kowloon area.

House No. 8 has more than 330 million baht and an area of ​​3,406 baht

At the opening of the Ho Man Tin MTR Station site, the luxury residential areas in the same district have reached new heights. The last two houses of Tianzhu, the first two houses, No. 7 and No. 8 houses, have been sold out at more than 248.9 million yuan and 333.7 million yuan respectively. The area is 2,797 and 3,406 square feet respectively. The practical price is 89,000 and 98,000 yuan. The latter not only broke the record of the project’s No. 1 house of 317 million yuan and the price of 94,965 yuan, but also refreshed the new price of the house in Kowloon.

At present, the housing units in the project have been cleared up, and there are still about 100 tiered units. The number of luxury homes in the same district is also rare. Kerry (00683) has about 120 gangs left. The recent transaction price is about 25,208 to 44,337 yuan. The other ONE HOMANTIN of DF is less than 40 gangs. The recent transaction price is about 23,571. To 28,706 yuan.

1 rent 24,500 yuan 呎 rent 61 yuan

As regards the same area rental market, the agents in the district said that the rental situation in this district was quite active. About 26 transactions were temporarily recorded, including two new ones and one ONE HOMANTIN tenants. welcome.

1 high-rise H room, with a practical area of ​​399 square feet, is a 1-bedroom interval, rented out for 24,500 yuan, and rents 61 yuan. As for ONE HOMANTIN, 5 low-rise C rooms, with a usable area of ​​477 square feet, are rented out for 21,500 yuan, and the practical rent is 45 yuan.