Big Silver Cui Yashan plans to sell 7 groups during the year

Daewoo Real Estate, a subsidiary of the Ma’s family of Dasheng Bank, launched its first development project. The Tsui Ya Shan, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon will be tendered in the form of a current building this year, selling 7 people. Pricing is based on Yide Road, Kowloon Tong. A luxury home. The remaining units are intended to be long-term rent collection.

For 35 people, main 3 and 4 rooms

Cui Yashan is located at No. 383, Tai Po Road, near Jiape Mountain, Hao Dejie Mountain and Erden Huating. It consists of 3 tiered houses, providing a total of 35 huts, ranging from 1 to 4 rooms. The 4 bedroom units have a saleable area ranging from 1,352 to 2,496 square feet. The project has been completed.

Ma Qingyu, Chairman of Da Yin Real Estate, said that the project site was purchased by tender in 1996. After 21 years of development, the land was restructured and rezoned, with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan. Later, it will tend to continue to develop large units.

Zhu Weixiong, general manager of the project (project) of Da Yin Real Estate, revealed that the sales arrangement has been largely completed. It is expected that the building book will be announced and sold before the end of the year.

The group tends to sell, the total number of the first and third blocks of the project is 7 and the total size is 2 to 4, and the first 4 units have a total usable area of ​​5,400 square feet, while the third is 3 The unit, the total usable area is about 4,500 square feet.

Zhu Weixiong said that the project’s sales target is to pursue a high-private family of large-scale buyers, tending to sell the whole building, but in the end, depending on the bid of the prospective buyer, the decision will be made according to the bidding result. He added that the price of the project can be referred to the price of Yide Road in Kowloon Tong. At present, the price of a residential building in Yide Road is about $40,000 to $50,000.

As for the 28th part of the second block of the Tsui Ya Shan, it is planned to be used for rent collection and the rent is not fixed. There are also 4 renovation and demonstration units in the building, which will be open to the media. According to the developer, Tsui Ya Shan, as the first luxury residential project of Da Yin Real Estate, adopts a “V-shaped” layout, which makes the privacy of the guests high and the number of parking spaces is sufficient.