Xintiandi New World received a total of more than 1600 votes

In the past two days, there was no new focus on the new disk market. Shindeu (0016) and New World (0017), the three new priced diskettes, have continued to receive admission by prospective purchasers. Among them, Xindian Nanchang Station Xi Xi II, the news that over the past 3 days more than 1,300 votes accumulated to devaluation 238 (an average of actual discounted F $ 21,100), an excess of more than 4 times.

Market estimates, the new site to be announced today, Canada push Xi Xi II units should be the city, or to more than 1,300 to more than 1,500 square feet four-bedroom, expected for the first round of sales this weekend.

Xi Xi II today proposed to push the weekend sale

In recent days, the New World, with its two-pronged all-new World Cup, has a total of more than 330 tickets received over the past two days. Over the past two days, it has collected over 110 tickets, The first batch of 50 more than 1 times; while the same line on sale on the first round of 68 on Wednesday, Pai received more than 220 votes, more than twice as much.

As for the same department store, THE PARKVILLE, sell 12.25 million yuan yesterday, 26th floor, practical floor area of ​​843 square feet A room 4 bedrooms, real foot 14,536 yuan, the transaction price for the project since the sale in September the highest. However, the project also recorded its first book, Unit D, on the 23rd floor. It was sold for 11.906 million yuan earlier. The buyer canceled the transaction and was forfeited a 5% deposit, involving more than $ 590,000.

THE PARKVILLE four rooms sold 12.25 million

In addition, Sai Kung Clear Water Bay proud Takimori the sale of three units by tender, the auction price of 16.26 million to 20.48 million yuan, the actual price of 16,800 to 17,400 yuan.

Another high reputation investment and development of To Kwa Wan John 畋 recently offer, the last two days 88 temporarily admitted, more than twice the top 30 units exceeded.

Following the recent development of Wanjiali, a Tai Liang Anqi Angel Holdings Limited, following a new disk to the corner to spend nearly 40 million yuan even buy 4, the new 6 floor floor area of ​​399 square feet of practical features room D room features will be on Wednesday morning Ten to 11 o’clock tender. One Ji tired nearly 30 sales, estimated cash earnings of about 280 million yuan.

Chen Mao Bo urged the public to guard against the risk of the property market

The other day before the Bay Residence Linhai