Housing Association Tsui Ling peak Tsui Terrace temporarily 113 times the new high

HKTB’s TSU Tsui Ling Peak and Tuen Mun Tsui Ming Terrace sub-contracted projects ended today with as many as 70 000 applications received as of yesterday afternoon, over-subscribing 113 times and breaking the 2014 re-sale of HOS flats Subscription records. For the time being, almost 99% of the respondents are white-form applicants, with an average of 250 persons vying for 1 unit.

Wang Kun, an advisor to the Land Supply Task Force, predicted that the total number of applications is expected to reach 100,000.

Recover more than 70,000 applications deadline today

The two associations subsidize the sale of housing projects on the 7th of this month to accept applications until today. As at 5:00 pm yesterday, a total of 70,743 applications were received, or 620 units in this issue. That is, over-subscribed 113 times, breaking the over-subscription record since the resale of HOS flats in 2014. The HA over-subscribed HOS in 2014 over 61.5 times.

The White House received 69,944 applications for White Form White House including 50,079 applications online and 799 for Green Form. As of 7 o’clock last night, 81,524 visitors have visited the demonstration units.

The green and white forms quotas for the sale of the project are each half-quoted, with a 20% quota set aside for single applicants but one or two-bedroom units. Households affected by the redevelopment of Ming Wah Mansion in Shau Kei Wan are given priority to pick up a total of 60 places. The order of their subsequent pick-ups is 10, with five green watch families, one green watch single, and three white watches Family and a white form sorter. After deducting 60 pre-election floor quotas, the remaining 560, accounting for 50% of the total number of white-table applicants respectively, will compete for one unit while the average for green table will be 3 for one unit.

A spokesman for the HKHS said only the number of online surgeries was available on weekends and the number of check-in boxes and mailers could not be provided. The spokesman is also confident that the number of white watches has greatly increased due to the new online application process. However, as the Green Form needs to be verified by the Estate Office, I believe more applications will be withdrawn later.

Miss Cheng, a family of three, lives with her parents in private quarters in Tsuen Wan for many years. However, since it is only over 300 feet, as her son grows older, he hopes to change his living quarters to improve his living environment. Therefore, we have already applied for the White House White Form the largest unit of the two chambers in Hong Kong. However, we have to raise the asking price to more than 4 million. At 113 times oversubscribed, she exclaimed: “Wow, so many people apply!”

Miss white table: with the event

She had experience in applying for HOS in Tsuen Wan several years ago. I also knew that this was a case of hard-working subsidized housing. It was “very good or badly pumped, and I did not want to carry too much debt.” She thinks that HAD The price of two flats is not very cheap either. It is only because private flats now are too expensive, so they are relatively attractive. Moreover, the HS is in a single block with two flats. The management fee is expensive and one of the concerns.

The two projects are offered for sale at a 30% market capitalization at a price of $ 1.92 million to $ 6.23 million. The average footing price at Tuen Mun Tsui Ming Terrace is about $ 7,000 and the average footing at Tsui Ling Peak in Tseung Kwan O is about $ 8,700. The HKHS organized the orderly sorting of lots by way of a computer lottery. The result of lottery was announced in early January next year and the building was picked up by the end of February.