The new disc to the second-hand property prices have broken top

On the first weekend after the birth of Cheung Sha Wan King, the property market in second-hand property warmed significantly and property prices in various estates continued to hit record highs. Property prices in Hilton Shatin first exceeded 7 million yuan and even 3-bedroom rooftop prices reached 16,000 yuan. As for the sale and purchase of 10 large estates recorded 12, re-double digit level.

The news favors the property market sentiment. The Acting Agents pointed out that over the weekend we saw an increase in the number of flat surveys in various districts, generally rising by 10% or 20%. At least 3 housing flats were found. The fine buildings concentrated in Sha Tin City Center, the inner estate Hilton Garden Center property prices even more broken 7000000 yuan. It is reported that the Estate A flat with rooftop high-rise households, the practical area of ​​475 square feet, belonging to the three-room interval, with a new high price of 7.75 million yuan to sell estates, foot price 16,316 yuan. Single-sided view of the river and landscape units, are front-line units. The transaction price, compared with the same room with middle-class room, in August created an old record price 6.95 million yuan, 800,000 yuan higher than the 12% margin.

As a matter of fact, the first batch of flats in Shatin, Sha Fei, is between $ 17,000 and $ 19,700 per share after deducting, while it is about $ 13,000 to $ 16,000 per square feet for second-hand flats in the same district. The new sale of high-priced sale, with the District second-hand owners good selling, including the Sha Tin Grand View Garden 4 high-rise G Room, salable area of ​​543 square feet, 3 bedrooms, the transaction price of 7398000 yuan, foot price 13,624 yuan Chong fine 3 High price per room.

North Point Sea Xuan Xuan launched at a high price, to stimulate the East Island Estate Hong Kong worth. Sai Wan Ho Yat Tao Wan stratified households 30 million yuan selling, housing estates layered high prices. The estate has 4 high-rise A-rooms with a usable floor area of ​​1,237 square feet. It is a 4-room apartment with a transaction price of $ 30 million and a price of $ 24,252 per sq m. This is $ 24 million higher than the original owner’s asking price of $ 12 million in 2009, 1.5 times.

10 large housing 2 days 12 transactions

As for the turnaround of 10 big estates in the past weekend, Centaline Property pointed out that the bank recorded 12 deals, with 4 more cases a week and heavier double-digit numbers. Of them, Tai Koo Shing, Quarry Bay and Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai recorded 4 The most transactions. It is worth mentioning that the turnover of Tai Koo Shing was over 10 million yuan in the past weekend, including G Room, Gold Star Court, with a usable area of ​​701 square feet and a transaction price of $ 13.7 million at a price of $ 19,544.

Midland Realty pointed out that the 10 major housing estates recorded 9 transactions, one more weekly. Hong Kong property records of 6, less 1 cases per week. Li Ka Ge Properties pointed out that there were 11 recorded cases, with 6 more cases per week (each agency statistics different from that of the estate). Analysis pointed out that Hong Kong stocks made good recently, the new disk pushed high, indirectly stimulate the second-hand atmosphere. However, the small proprietors holding price tough, individual anti-price situation, while stunting buyers into the market, I believe second-hand property prices continued to record highs, as volume will not be a major breakthrough.

On the other hand, the Central Plains Real Estate Research Department pointed out that as of November 15, the full year 2017 building sale and purchase contract registration amount 6,033.3 billion yuan, setting a new five-year high of 653.96 billion yuan in 2012, a total of 53.2281 billion yuan over 2016 rose 13.2 %. The expected full-year amount will approach 690 billion yuan, an opportunity to break the 688.98 billion yuan in 2010, a record high after 97 years. This year’s temporary housing record of 211.73 billion yuan, a record 22-year high.