Zhang Li Wu Mingzhang groaning Hong Kong House is too expensive to be listed on the property market as “lead the way” business opportunities

Recently more and more Starma enterprises listed in Hong Kong, of which listed in August this year, Zhang Li International (01693), is the HKEx (00388) the first Malaysian builders; founder and chairman, was sealed Tan Sri Barry, Tan Sri, and B & G Capital, the predecessor of Cheri International, in 1994, where he started his trade in electrical and electronic components. Now that you have entered the overseas market, you have never thought of Tan Sri. You have also been terrified by the high prices in Hong Kong. It is hard to buy a small unit. “It is enough to buy a small unit here in Malaysia for Bungalow House house)”.

Wu Mingzhang, 53, was born in a rural family in Malaysia. His parents depend on farming for their livelihood. Their main income comes from the few acres of thin fields in their homes. As a child, he lived a life of “multi-colored” hard to understand for urban kids ─ often digging for wild cassava after school or alive for cats, caterpillars, loaches, and then reselling to street vendors to earn pocket money , And therefore cultivate a self-reliance and strong character.

High school, Wu Mingzhang saw his father selling vegetables often exploited by middle wholesalers, then taking advantage of school holidays, personally went to the vegetable market stalls direct sales, small test chopper, although only petty profits, but he was deeply aware of the knowledge Change the fate of the reason, so hard to study, at Raman College (now known as Raman University) graduated from the first job as a business engineer, from time to time take the initiative to the production line helper, but because of an industrial accident, losing his right index finger, but also lost his job , Can only stay at home.

This period of time can be said that Wu Mingzhang’s life downturn, saw the students have made good progress in their career, oneself become unemployed army, for others, may be the will to depression, give up on themselves, but fortunately character strong he soon cheer up , I decided to make good use of my background in the Department of Electronic Engineering to engage in the trading business of electronic components. “When I was young, I had a strong entrepreneurial faith. When I was a grown-up, I was an entrepreneur. I was better off because I knew I was not suitable for working for others. ”

Electronic fishing fishing construction

Due to limited funds, he kicked himself as a general manager, accountant, driver and delivery agent in his early days. After operating for two or three years, Wu Mingzhang felt that it was difficult to “create” electronic products because of the limited scale of electronic components. “At that time, it just received a construction project, and a single item had an income of 5 million ringgit (about 9.39 million Hong Kong dollars) Compared to the electronics industry, the (scale) is simply “Elephant business” (such as the elephant-like business). “He ended his business in 1998 and focused on building until now.

After 19 years, the business of the Group has also changed with the market demand. In recent years, it has mainly provided various types of construction services and has undertaken the BLMT model of public-private partnership (PPP) projects. According to industry reports, according to revenue calculations, Cheung Lee was the 21st largest Malaysian-listed construction company last year.

When asked why Hong Kong listed in Hong Kong, Wu Mingzhang explained that Hong Kong is a major international financial center with “two languages, three languages ​​and excellent financial infrastructure.” This will enable Southeast Asian markets, especially potential Chinese customers, to deepen their understanding of Cheri and help the Group grasp the ” All the way “initiative brought by the business opportunities, into the ASEAN market.

Call for Ma Xing enterprises to come to Hong Kong

He said with a smile that Chief Executive Terry Jeong Yue is a very good Saleslady and is very much attracted to the marketing of Hong Kong’s role in the field of “Financial Integration” in the “Belt and Road”.

Speaking about the trend of listing Ma Star Enterprises on the HKEx, he described it as a good thing. He also considered that the Hong Kong Government should encourage and promote it better than relying mainly on mainland companies. Adjacent to the Chief Executive, The listing has a positive impact on the Group’s position and reputation. “Many local businesses asked for their opinions. We all truthfully told them the benefits and shared with them the idea of ​​moving into Hong Kong. As a whole, everyone responded positively.”

Wu Mingzhang and Zheng Guoli is the relationship of uncle, Zhang Li’s name is taken from the names of the two, we can see the cooperation in between; the 33-year-old aunt, Wu Mingzhang like no bomb: “In 2006 he obtained a Bachelor of Law After my degree, I got lots of job opportunities outside. I pulled him in and I helped him a lot in 11 years. ”

Last week at the Ninth World Chinese Economic Summit held in Hong Kong, Wu Mingzhang was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership in Infrastructure and Education” in recognition of his significant contribution in this field. He was also delighted with the joy of the East. Pearl “full of praise:” Before there is shopping, here is a very beautiful city, not the night, good food, beautiful night, these are its unique, or we will not come here to list; In fact, Malaysia and Hong Kong Very close, many people in Malaysia know Cantonese or Mandarin. ”

At present, Wu Mingzhang comes to Hong Kong every month. His younger son is studying in Hong Kong. He laughed and said he was learning to grasp the rapid pace of life in this city. However, even if you are Tan Sri and chairman of a public company, he can not help but price Hong Kong High, “I thought about buying a home, but it was too expensive and I now live in a hotel.” He saw that young people in Hong Kong were “hard on the bus,” or were dissatisfied with them. Some people joined the social movement. “Developers often buckle up Residential units, renting not for sale, this is not very good. You asked me if I will be based in Hong Kong in the future. The chance is only half and half. “