Corporate Plaza Phase 3 full-level sale of 215 million

In recent years, the government has promoted the development of East Kowloon and the matured Kowloon Bay area has become the first choice for investors. Among them, there are three Phase A corporate buildings in the Grade A commercial building in the district. In recent years, more investors have been stationed in the area. Recently, the owners have put up full-floor flats for sale. Even the intention of parking spaces is 215 million yuan.

The property enjoys sea views suitable for group headquarters

Huang Lian, director of Midland Commercial Sales, said that it is now on sale at 8th floor, Phase 3, Corporate Square, 39 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, with 4 connected private parking spaces, with a total area of ​​approximately 15,900 square feet. It was 215 million yuan, and the price was about 13,522 yuan.

Wong pointed out that the property enjoys sea views and is facing the Zero Carbon World Park. The landscape is bright and open. It is also rare for the whole floor to be used as the headquarters of the group. The site will be sold in the form of a taxi, which will be sold at market value. At $30 per square foot, new buyers are expected to enjoy a rental return of more than 2.7% or more and invest in personal use.

The cost of commercial buildings in the core area soared. The funds flowed into the East Kowloon area and the Kowloon Bay area became prosperous. In the third phase of the Corporate Plaza, the investors frequently completed transactions. Recently, such as Fortune International (00627) spent approximately RMB 1.336 billion. Purchased a 5-storey high-rise full-floor flat of the building, with a total surface area of ​​approximately 72,800 square feet, and purchased another 16 parking spaces with an average price of over 18,352 yuan. In addition, the high-rise five-room apartment has an area of ​​approximately 2,470 square feet, which was approximately 38.5 million. In the first transaction, the average selling price was RMB 15,587. Some senior investors also purchased the low-level 7 to 8 rooms at a price of about RMB 52.8 million, and even rented a lease to enter the market with a return of 2.5%. In contrast, the above-mentioned discontinuity has clearly maintained its water level, and as the business atmosphere in the Kowloon Bay has gradually become more concentrated, many large-scale enterprises have been stationed, the number of people has increased, the demand for parking spaces has also increased, and the site has been put up for sale with 4 parking spaces. , Bigger increase in power.