Roche Shenshe widens Kwun Tong Industrial Building

The number of projects purchased by the Roche Group in recent years is small. The most notable items are the Maxwell Industrial Building 350, Kwun Tong Road, which was purchased last year. The consortium has applied for relaxation in recent years. According to the latest document of the Planning Department, the Department considers that the application is in line with the planning direction of the whole area. The Sky Garden floors mentioned in the application plan are expected to enhance ventilation and reduce visual impacts and landscapes. They can be coordinated with the environment in the area. Therefore, there is no objection to the application. The application will be submitted to the TPB for review on this Friday and is expected to be approved at the meeting.

According to the TPB document, the Group intends to increase the project height and relax it to 105.9 meters above the main horizontal benchmark to reconstruct a 26-storey commercial building (including the sky garden floor, etc.) with a total floor area of approximately 230,000 square meters.