HK$1 rented premises for HKSCC Building a 100-unit flat at Nanchang Street for a period of two years

The families of the grassroots families are waiting for public housing in the distant future and can only live in the harsh living environment such as mortuary houses and cubicles. The Social Security Association revealed earlier that it plans to construct transitional housing in the form of a portfolio of flats, with the final exposure of the location concerned. According to the latest building plans approved by the Buildings Department yesterday, the first composite house of the HKCSS is located at 202 to 220 Nam Cheong Street, Sham Shui Po, with a total gross floor area of ​​23,000 sq. ft. It is estimated that 3 or 3 storeys can be built. The portfolio houses provide about 100 units with an area of ​​about 230 square feet. The land in question is currently held by a private developer and will be rented to the HKCSS for a period of two years at a nominal rent of one yuan.

Reporter: Tan Jingwen

The “City Policy Report" proposes to assist non-profit-making organizations to study the construction of prefabricated housing units on idle land to alleviate the hardships of families waiting for public housing and other poor living environments. The Social Security Association revealed earlier that it plans to construct transitional houses in the form of a portfolio of flats. It has also received developers to donate “rehabilitation sites" in the urban areas to develop temporary housing units. However, there has been no public site selection.

Expect rental in September this year

According to the latest information published yesterday by the Buildings Department, the relevant housing estates are located at 202-220 Nam Cheong Street, Sham Shui Po, with a total gross floor area of ​​23,000 sq. ft. It is estimated that 3, 3 storey temporary housing units can be built. The application specifies the use of prefabricated building technology and the building plans have also been approved by the Buildings Department. The Social Security Association had previously stated that it is expected that the portfolio of flats could build about 100 units. Based on this estimate, each unit will have an area of ​​about 230 square feet.

A spokesman for the HKCSS said that the project will be named “Modular Social Housing" and there are still many details to be dealt with. Details of the plan will be announced in due course.

According to the survey, the land at No. 202 to No. 220 Nanchang Street was held by a private developer. The Henderson Lands reported that the land was originally reserved for reconstruction and development. In response to enquiries, the H / E spokesman said that the site of Nam Cheong Street was originally an old building redevelopment project. Half of the existing land is already leveled. As for the remaining half of the old buildings, Henderson will be responsible for the demolition works and leveling of the land. One or two months later, the “Gee Land” will be let out for use by the HKCSS. It is expected that the HKCSS will implement the project leasing in September this year.

Heng Di means that the relevant land will only receive a nominal rent of 1 yuan. The lease period is 2 years, and the land development will be resumed after it expires. The spokesperson said that since the site has not been planned for development in the next two years, “since it has contributed to the community and it has been able to cooperate with the helper in time," it decided to lease to the HKCSS for temporary housing purposes.

Cai Haiwei, chief executive of the social security bureau, revealed earlier that there are developers who are willing to lease land at a rent of RMB 1 to build a portfolio housing estate. The land is for residential use and needs to be rezoned. There are basic equipment such as water, electricity and drainage. The entire project costs about 10 million yuan, but it needs to find funding sources. As regards the target of the combination housing estate, it is still uncertain. However, due to the small size of the combined housing estate, it is estimated that it can only be one household per household. On the rental side, it is proposed to refer to the “Social Housing Sharing Plan” implemented by the HKCSS in cooperation with the government. The rent will not exceed 25% of the tenant’s income.