The new plate Xiaoyangchun sold more than 2,000 people this month. Carmel sold more than 90% of the market

The new plate Xiaoyangchun sold more than 2,000 people this month. Carmel sold more than 90% of the market.

In the past two days (19th and 20th), a number of focus discs have set off a large-scale melee. The three focuss are hot, and the industry has described it as “Xiaoyangchun". China Overseas (00688) Tai Po Tianzhu, Xindi (00016) To Kwa Wan Downtown 38 confronted each other on Saturday (19th), and Downtown 38 sold 155 people in the first round of the “One Q Clear Bag". Yesterday (20th) Pushing a new 66-person price list; when the day-to-day drill is on sale for 9 days, it is close to 800 people, and the speed of cash is over 5.8 billion yuan. Wing Tai Real Estate (00369) The Carmel, Tuen Mun, was the first round of sales of the tiered households yesterday. The 118 people who sold it sold more than 90% of the units. The three-pronged force pushed up the volume of the previous two days to nearly 650, which was the highest in the new trading market in the past 10 months since March last year. The first-hand transaction has risen to more than 1400 this month. The industry is expected to open this month. The volume of trading has broken through 2,000 levels.

In the past two days, the three focus discs were put on sale, and the car was launched yesterday at The Carmel “The Finale" of Yongtai Real Estate. The first round of sales of a total of 118 tiered households was located in the underground lobby of the sales office in Landmark East, Kwun Tong, before 9 am yesterday. There have been large approved purchasers and agents on the waiting list. There is also a “snake cake". After the lottery is drawn, the developers will pick up the building at 11:00 am. 60 people have been subscribed in the first sentence, and it has already been around 1 pm. More than 100 people have been subscribed.

Downtown 38 raises 6% and pushes 66 households

Zhong Zhilin, executive director and sales and marketing director of Wing Tai Real Estate Development, announced at night that The Carmel has released 108 gangs, accounting for over 90% of the units available for sale. The transaction price is 9488 to 13408 yuan. Buyers mainly use users, including many. For the change of guests and young passengers; together with the 9 houses sold recently, the entire building has accumulated 117 pairs. The Carmel had no shortage of big-handed purchases yesterday. Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the United States Residential Department, said that a family guest spent about 13 million yuan to buy three one-bedroom households, all for self-occupation; another group spent about 8 million yuan. Purchase one open plan unit and one single room. The Carmel is located at No. 168, Tai Lam Section, Castle Peak Road. It offers 178 gangs with a usable area of ​​259 to 4144 square meters. It will be occupied by the end of March next year.

As for the two focus disks of the past Saturday, the first round of Downtown 38 sales of 155 people was clear, and 66 people were pushed yesterday. The average price was 1978 yuan, which was 6.3% higher than the previous batch. The discounted price was 5,563,800. To 7,793,900 yuan, the price of 18,721 to 20,962 yuan.

Xinyi’s deputy managing director, Lei Wei, pointed out that the project had cleared 155 people in just over two hours on Saturday, and cashed in more than 1 billion yuan. A new batch of 66 people was added yesterday, including 46 one-bedroom and 20 two-bedroom units. Although the average price is 6.3% higher than the previous batch, it is still the original price plus, because most of the units in this batch are high-quality households in the south, the price adjustment is the seat and the landscape; the remaining seven characteristic households of the project are interested. Sold by tender. Tang Jinjiang, deputy general manager of Xindi, said that most of the first-round sales buyers were younger users, with 20% of investors; about 60% of the regional distribution came from Kowloon, the New Territories accounted for about 30%, and Hong Kong Island about 10%. Downtown 38 is located at No. 38 Beidi Street, offering 228 gangs with a usable area of ​​280 to 561 square meters. It is expected to enter the end of March next year.

Tianzhu on the 9th, a total of 800 people, cashed 5.8 billion

Tai Po Tianzhu has sold 486 gangs in the second round of the past Saturday, selling 322 gangs in the same day. In the past two days, there were a total of 324 gangs. Since the beginning of the sale on the 12th of this month, nearly 800 gangs have been sold in just 9 days. 5.8 billion yuan. In the past two days, there have also been large-scale transactions. New World Development (00017) Tsim Sha Tsui famously cast a 220 million yuan out of Room 66 on the 66th floor. This year, the transaction price of a single unit reached a new high, with a saleable area of ​​3,855 square feet and a price of 57,069 yuan.

In the past two days, a total of 646 gangs were sold in 14 new flats in Hong Kong, up 27% from the previous weekend (12 and 13), and two days in the new market on March 11 and 12 last year. Since about 800 gangs, the number of transactions in the past 10 months has reached a new high.

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman of the Asia-Pacific region of the Central Plains Real Estate, said that the sales in the past two days have been hot. The number of transactions in the property market has been “Xiaoyangchun". I believe that the volume of “buried tail" can exceed 2,000 this month.