The second-hand explosion of the whole city, the anti-price tide, the height of the sky is 20 million, and the first city is 20,000 yuan each

The second-hand explosion of the whole city, the anti-price tide, the height of the sky is 20 million, and the first city is 20,000 yuan each.

The property market turned around and suddenly changed from a down market to a market. The new budget reveals that after the peak of private housing supply in the coming year, the second-hand owners of the whole city have closed the counter-price tide. The Kowloon Station luxury mansion has an immediate price reduction of 20 million yuan for the mainland owners. example. The price of the fine-priced building reappeared, and the price of the first city in Shatian was 20,000 yuan, which was only 5% lower than the peak of last year. Reporter: Zhu Lianfeng

Some Kowloon Station agents said that before the announcement of the Budget, the Kowloon Station luxury mansion with the effect of high-speed rail had been stolen and started to record a number of broken top transactions. For example, the high price of the Optimus Peninsula was 43,000 yuan. Sixty million yuan. The budget announced on Wednesday that the potential supply of private buildings in the coming year will be only 15,000, the lowest in 9 years. The government has no place to push. The market will rise in price in the next two years. After the budget, the second-hand counter-price tide will sweep across the city, and as many as half of the Kowloon Station will be put on anti-price.

Agent: owners play to the disabled

According to the news, the mainland’s owner holds a four-bedroom apartment in the high-rise room A, which was originally sold at a price of 120 million yuan before the Spring Festival. The price increase was 20 million to 140 million yuan yesterday. The price of 91,503 yuan is expected to challenge the stratified households in Kowloon Station. new highs. Arc de Triomphe Yingyue Pavilion high-rise room A four-bedroom household, released in August last year, the asking price of 100 million yuan, a price reduction to 98 million yuan before the sale, but the owners see the property market boom, now closed.

The first counter-price transaction after the Kowloon Station recorded the Budget. There are 3 low-rise A rooms in the world. It is a two-bedroom household with practical 794 squares. It enjoys a full sea view. It was released on the 21st of this month and offered a price of 25 million yuan. The owners in Canada also paid attention to the local property market. On the 23rd, the price was reversed to 25.8 million yuan. After three days, the price was reversed to 26.8 million yuan. On the same day, there was a customer bid of 26.3 million yuan. The agent sent a deposit for it. According to the news, the landlord called the broker who sent the deposit at the time, praising him for “anti-price, you can do it", but said that the counter-price is that the representative does not want to sell. On the next day, the broker sent a deposit to the law firm entrusted by the owner. The lawyer said: “The owner does not sell."

According to the news, the unit has at least 3 to 4 customers competing for the purchase. At the end of the day, it changed hands with 27.8 million yuan. In just eight days, the price was 2.8 million yuan and the price was 35,013 yuan. It has returned to last year’s high. An agent in the district said bluntly that the owners were mad at the price, “I am playing to the disabled."

The price of the car on the New Territories is 20,000 yuan. The United States Huang Jinxi said that the 51st high-rise room A of Shatian First City enjoys river view and practical 284 square meters. The original price was 5.8 million yuan, just reduced to 5.7 million yuan, and the price was as high as 20,070 yuan. Compared with the highest price of 21,127 yuan in October last year, it was only 5% lower.

Taikoo City’s price has risen by 10%

Zhongyuan Lan Haoran said that the three low-rise E rooms in Sheung Shui Center were put on the market on the 8th of this month with a price of 5.6 million yuan. As the market began to lack the market, two buyers were recently rushed to buy, and the final price was between 100,000 and 5.7 million yuan. The price of the price is 16,239 yuan, which is a new high in the housing estate for nearly four months. The new buyer is the boarding passenger, who is supported by his father and pays the first time to enter the market. He is afraid that the property price will continue to rise, and he will not hesitate to pursue the price. The 13th floor of Block R of Kornhill Garden, Quarry Bay, was sold for 11.43 million yuan, 580,000 yuan less than one month.

The top ten housing estates in the Central Plains recorded a total of 185 transactions in February, the most prosperous since June last year. The Kingswood Villas in Tin Shui Wai and the Tai Kwai Estate in Quarry Bay are the most prosperous, accounting for 35 and 27 respectively. The average price of Taikoo City rose to 19,986 yuan in February, and it rose nearly 10% in one month.