Junlin world serial price increase 27.8 million easy to master

Junlin world serial price increase 27.8 million easy to master

The new Budget announces that the supply of private buildings will be reduced by 10,000 in the next year. The atmosphere of the second-hand private property market has turned into a frenzy. The Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Station has a total price increase of $2.8 million. Spend 27.8 million yuan to undertake. There is also a two-bedroom unit in Sha Tin City, Sha Tin District, which sold for $5.7 million. The price of the price has dropped by 20,000 yuan in about half a year.

According to market news, there are 3 low-rise A rooms in the world. The practical area is 794 square meters. The two houses are separated. The original owner will sell for 25 million yuan on the 21st of this month. See the recent market conditions and heat up, and then increase the price to 26.8 million yuan. Although the buyer once received a bid of 26.3 million yuan for purchase, the owner still insisted on not selling. After the budget forecast for the decline in the supply of private buildings, the owner further called up to 28 million yuan, and eventually the buyer was willing to pay 27.8 million yuan. Undertake, the transaction price is significantly higher than the original offer price of 2.8 million yuan (11.2%), the price of 35013 yuan. The original owner purchased RMB 16.671 million in 2009, and the book appreciation was 11.183 million yuan (about 67.3%).

It is reported that new buyers are worried that after the announcement of the budget, other owners will follow the trend to increase their fares. In addition, there are at least three groups of customers bidding to buy, so they will put their hearts on the market and throw 27.8 million yuan into the market.

In addition, the Associate Director of Midland Real Estate, Mr. Huang Jinxi, said that the high-rise Room A of Block 51 of the First City of Shatian, with a usable area of ​​284 square feet, was separated by two houses, and was sold at 5.7 million yuan yesterday, with a price of $20070. The original owner entered the market with 1.736 million yuan in 2009, earning 3.964 million yuan (about 2.3 times).

Shatin’s first city price is over 20,000

According to the information, excluding the internal transfer, the above-mentioned price of the first city of Sha Tin has recorded 20,775 yuan since August last year, and the price of 20,000 yuan has been separated by about half a year. Compared with the upper floor of the second floor, the transaction price of the same room last month was 483. Ten thousand yuan, the latest cost has increased by 870,000 yuan (about 18%).

Mr Wong revealed that the new buyers were passengers. I was worried that the situation would change after the Budget. The owners would further increase their fares. Therefore, “I would like to know how many people want to enter the market early."

The market conditions have turned positive, and even the “eclipse-opening" mansions have been profitable. The news pointed out that He Wentian’s high-rise room A, the practical area of ​​1823 square feet, 4 rooms interval, yesterday also changed hands with 50.8 million yuan, the price of 27,866 yuan, with the original owner’s purchase price of 49.186 million in 2014, book profit 161.4 Ten thousand yuan (about 3.3%) is the first book to make money in the mansion.