Luo Zhiguang: The possibility of buying a leading property is close to zero

Luo Zhiguang: The possibility of buying a leading property is close to zero

The new budget proposes to allocate 20 billion yuan for the government to purchase 60 suitable private properties from the market and provide local facilities for more than 130 non-residential social welfare facilities. The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Mr Roh Chi-kwong, explained more details at the press conference yesterday. He pointed out that the total floor area of ​​the proposed property should be nearly 40聽000 square metres, accounting for about 0.1% of the commercial floor area in Hong Kong. I believe it will affect the private property market. micro. He also believes that the opportunity to purchase a exhibition is almost zero, but does not rule out any possibility.

Rent and buy methods will be considered

Mr. Luo said that the Administration will not consider the properties which are currently providing the daily facilities of the public and will not purchase residential care homes for the elderly and residential care homes for the disabled. The housing estates are too large in size and the residential estates are usually required to meet stringent technical requirements. And the layout and other requirements, the market supply is not much. The Government does not want to affect the property market. In addition, the principle of purchase does not affect the existing facilities that meet the basic needs of the people. He also said that the initial concept of the Government is to set up some social welfare facilities at the same or adjacent sites. For example, the Day Activity Centre for Disabled Persons and the Parents and Relatives Resource Centre, the Elderly Neighbourhood Centre and the Child Care Centre will be put together. melt.

As for why you choose to purchase, you will not build or rent premises. Luo Zhiguang explained that it is imperative to increase and improve the social welfare service facilities, and the purchase can speed up the resolution of the shortage of premises or local shortages. As for the voice, the government has no need to idle the land, such as idle school buildings. He said that some of the suggestions for using idle school buildings will take a long time to conduct regional consultations, and the service will take time. He stressed that the Government would “manage a multi-pronged approach" and that “rental", “buy" and “start" would all be considered. It also described the Government’s “everything in every possible way" to increase social welfare facilities.

No actual site selection can be announced

Luo Zhiguang continued, “In fact, there are hundreds of service units that are “queued", and they will be rushed according to urgency. The Working Group will be set up by the Social Welfare Department and the Government Property Agency. It will also consult the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau. The Independent Commission Against Corruption will ensure that public money can be used in accordance with the principle of fairness. After the project is approved, the relevant projects will be submitted to the relevant committee of the Legislative Council for consideration and application to the Finance Committee for funding to ensure that the public funds are used properly.

Asked if the government has a suitable property site, Luo Zhiguang said that the project will be distributed in the 18 districts of Hong Kong, but there are no details that can be announced. He also pointed out that even after the disclosure, the property may not be in the market after the adoption of various procedures. In addition, whether the application will be funded in a bundled manner, Luo Zhiguang said that it is a big challenge to get support from Members. However, because each project is handled independently, the process takes six months to nine months to approve. Therefore, it will not be moved to the Legislative Council on a property-by-property basis. To apply, I will try to provide more information to Members.