Green House, Li Tsui Court, the first day of picking up the building, 44 people

Green House, Li Tsui Court, the first day of picking up the building, 44 people. The subscription rate is 100%.

The Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Housing Authority) Green Forms Homes Scheme (hereinafter referred to as Green House) has been the first estate in Cheung Sha Wan. The Tsui Tsui Court yesterday (28th) started to pick up flats. A total of 44 winners attended the event. All successful subscription units. Among them, the saleable area of ​​443 to 452 square meters is the most popular, 39 people sold out of the whole day, the proportion is as high as 88.6%. As for the most expensive apartment building with a price of 3.062 million yuan, the first floor of the building is the first. It will be sold within the sentence. Most buyers are eager to buy large units and look forward to the new home with sea views.

The Housing Authority yesterday invited the first batch of about 60 lucky winners to pick up the building at the Green Home Sales Team Office on the 1st floor of the Kin Sing Plaza, Kwun Tong. Our reporter saw it at the scene. Some of the winners were present at 8:30 in the morning.

39 people over 400 呎 three rooms

The first picking time starts at 9:00 am. The winners pick up the stairs in sequence. One of the 38th floor, 7th floor, “Royal King" unit of the whole estate is selected by the winners before 10:00. According to the building book, the “Royal King" unit heads east and looks at Changsha Bay Playground. The landscape is open and it is expected to enjoy the view of Lion Rock. The practical area is 450 square meters. The price is 3.062 million yuan, and the price is about 6805 yuan. It is a 95% mortgage, with a first phase of about 153,100 yuan; with a maximum contribution period of 25 years and an interest rate of 2.375 percent, the monthly payment is 12,868 yuan.

According to the arrangement of the Housing Authority, tenants affected by the public housing clearance scheme (hereinafter referred to as clearing households) can give priority to picking up flats. Many of the clearing houses that were selected to pick up the flats yesterday are inclined to subscribe for a large area of ​​more than 400 square feet. unit. Miss Qinghu District and her mother picked up the building together, successfully purchased two high-rise rooms, 13 rooms, with a practical area of ​​452 square meters, shouting “I am happy to be the owner", she thinks the project price is reasonable, will be with the mother and sister Living together, you can divide the unit into 3 rooms.

The Housing Authority announced that a total of 44 successful bidders had picked up the building yesterday and sold 44 people throughout the day, meaning that 100% of the attendees were purchased. The transaction record shows that the units sold have 39 utility areas of 443 to 452 square meters. They are large units that can be renovated into 2 or 3 bedrooms, with prices ranging from 2,998,400 to 3,062,100 yuan.

The two-story 13-room “Southern Building" with a saleable area of ​​452 square meters is most popular among buyers. The 15th floor of the 22nd floor or above is being swept away on the same day. Together with the 16th floor unit, 16 people are taken out all day; the adjacent two 12-rooms With the same area and similar landscape, six people were sold. As for the 7-room, including the “Royal King", 8 people sold throughout the day, which is the second most sought-after apartment.

184 呎 open households only one transaction

The fine unit with a usable area of ​​less than 200 square meters is only sold for 1 group. It is a low-rise 14-room, with a practical area of ​​184 square feet. The price is 1.104 million yuan and the price is 6003 yuan.

According to the HA’s earlier estimate, the total sales revenue of Lai Tsui Court is about 5.646 billion yuan. The maximum amount of mortgage purchases can be calculated by the purchasers. This means that Li Tsui Court has the opportunity to generate loans amounting to 5.364 billion yuan. At present, major banks are not willing to neglect, and they have sent staff to attend the “fishing". As far as the scene is concerned, more than 20 uniformed bank staff are waiting outside the Green Home Sales Team Office. The newly-launched owners stepped out of the office, and the bank staff immediately introduced the mortgage plan to the buyer, and from time to time, the buyer was also promoted by four to five bank staff.

Lai Tsui Court is located at No. 608, Lai Chi Kok Road. It provides 2,545 gangs with a saleable area of ​​184 to 452 square feet. It is priced at 42% off the market price. The price is 932,500 to 3.062 million. The HA has received more than 40,000 applications. Oversubscribed nearly 15 times. The Housing Authority said that about 60 successful bidders will be invited to pick up the building today.