Jiahu 2 room estimate is worth 6 million yuan

Jiahu 2 room estimate is worth 6 million yuan

The US Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged, which was good for the property market. The banks also cooperated accordingly to raise the property valuation. The high-rise 2 households in Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei were valued at 6 million yuan, and the estimate in Fanling was 3%.

Dawning room 2 room value of 5.89 million per week by 3%

The newspaper uses the HSBC online system to make valuations for the main housing units. Last week, the US Federal Reserve announced that interest rates would remain unchanged, and the valuation of multiple housing banks rose again on a weekly basis. A high-rise 2-bedroom household in Fanling has the largest increase, the latest report of 5.89 million yuan, compared with 5.72 million yuan last week, up 3% per week. It also rose by 5% from the low of 5.47 million in January.

In addition, the 2nd room of Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei will be valued at 6 million yuan, which will break the top of the mortgage with a maximum price of 80%. The unit is 4 high-rise E-rooms of Jinghuju, with a usable area of ​​446 square feet. The estimate is 5.88 million yuan from last week, up 2% per week to the latest 6 million yuan, compared with the high of 6.3 million yuan in August last year, a difference of about 5%. .

As for the high-rise households in Block E of Depot Garden, Ngau Tau Kok, with an area of ​​389 square feet, the latest estimate is $6.55 million, up 0.6% on a weekly basis. In fact, the latest Block B, the middle floor of the Block B, has a usable area of ​​382 square feet and was sold at a price of 5.98 million yuan. It belongs to the housing estate price in the past six months. It is expected that the bank will increase the valuation of the estate.

However, 45 people in the first city of Sha Tin have a daily average of 7.21 million yuan last week, exceeding the high of 6.97 million yuan last year. However, this week the bank has adjusted the valuation, the latest is 6.81 million yuan, down 5.5%.

The Central Plains Valuation Index (main bank) CVI latest report was 89.71 points, up 2.47 points per week, close to the 90 points level in May last year, reflecting the bank’s optimism about the property market outlook. It is expected that the index will rise above the 90-point level next week and predict that property prices will continue to rise.