651 transactions in the first quarter of the 10 major housing estates doubling quarterly

651 transactions in the first quarter of the 10 major housing estates doubling quarterly

Second-hand purchasing power released, stimulating the 10 major housing estates recorded 651 transactions in the first quarter of this year, more than doubled by quarter, which is the most prosperous in the last four quarters. The performance of the boarding house was outstanding. The trading volume of the Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei exceeded 100, and the price of the Amoy Garden in Ngau Tau Kok broke.

According to the statistics of the 10 major housing estates in March and the first quarter, as of March 28, 651 transactions were recorded in the first quarter of this year, which was 1.3 times higher than the 278 cases in the fourth quarter of last year. After the first season of 2018, the most prosperous season in the last four seasons.

rose by 20% quarter-to-quarter

The trading volume doubled, and the property price recovered to the support level and bottomed out. The price of the 10 major housing estates rose upwards on a quarterly basis, with half of the increase of more than 10%. In Changsha Bay, the company was up 21.3%, and the price was reported at 17,697 yuan. The increase in the number of the company was the highest. The main reason was that the transaction was low in December last year, the base was low and the trading volume was low.

The largest number of flats in the first quarter was recorded in Tin Shui Wai, Kingswood Villas, which accounted for an increase of 31% as compared with 87 cases in the previous quarter. It is also the only one of the 10 largest estates with a turnover exceeding 100December 9,600 yuan, up 12.5%.

In fact, the price of the 2 rooms in Kingswood Villas has increased significantly. The latest transaction includes a high-rise room E of Meihuju, with a usable area of ​​441 square feet. It refers to a change of 5.5 million yuan. It is the most expensive after the adjustment of property prices in September last year. Room, the price of 12,472 yuan. Compared with November last year, the unit price of the same unit was 4.45 million yuan, which was less than half a year and appreciated by 1.05 million yuan, up 24%.

However, with the 2 room price in March surpassing the level of 5 million yuan, buyers need time to digest. The agent in the district pointed out that the housing market has slowed down. In March, 36 cases were temporarily recorded, up from 43 in January this year. Less, the current admission price starts from 5.2 million yuan.

Amoy 7.85 million 楼 property prices broke

Secondly, the price of Amoy Garden in Ngau Tau Kok is a new high. It refers to the 2nd floor of Block R, with a practical area of ​​460 square feet. It belongs to the 2 bedroom interval. It is expected to open the park view. The transaction price is 7.85 million yuan and the price is 17,065 yuan. In February last year, the court recorded an old property price record of $7.5 million, which was nearly 5% higher. In the first quarter of the housing estate, 33 transactions were recorded. The latest price was 16,173 yuan, up 22.2% and 9.8% respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the mid-price building has been significantly more prosperous in the past month. It has stimulated the Tai Kuk Estate in Tai Po, the Ap Lei Chau Estate, Ap Lei Chau Estate, Lei Yii Estate, Tai Po Wan Estate and Lai Kiu Estate. The sale of medium-priced housing estates rose more than doubled quarter-to-quarter. The number of transactions in Kornhill Garden recorded 42 transactions, up 9.5 times quarter-on-quarter, and the largest increase in the 10 largest housing estates.

On the monthly basis, in March, 10 large estates recorded 279 transactions, which was the most prosperous after January last year, with 55% more on a monthly basis, of which 43 were the largest in Taikoo City. The monthly turnover in March is expected to exceed 300 levels.