This month, the first hand is 2540, the most popular in two years

This month, the first hand is 2540, the most popular in two years.

This month’s first-hand residential transaction was quite prosperous. Thanks to the new disk sales and remnant items, the transaction volume has reached 2,540. It is the most prosperous month in the 24 months since March 2017 and is expected to surpass the record.

pushed 294 people to cash out 1.8 billion

According to the statistics of the first-hand project transaction records of this newspaper, as of the 27th of this month, more than 2,540 transactions were recorded in the primary market, with a turnover of about 26.46 billion yuan, compared with 740 cases and 8.8 billion yuan in February, which rose by 2.4 per month. Double and double.

In the first quarter of this year, more than 5,280 transactions were recorded in the first quarter, with a cash flow of about $54.8 billion, an increase of about 38% and 1.7% compared with 3,831 and 53.9 billion in the same period last year.

Three new launches were launched this month, mainly in the Kowloon area, including the New World (00017) and the development of the Ma Tau Kok Estate in the URA. The whole market was 294, with the first round of clearing up and cashing over $1.77 billion. The 340-group and 80-group sales of Hung Hom and Kwun Tong were respectively a major driving force for the new market this month.

The vacant tax is released soon.

The new hot-selling market drove the market, and many of the remaining items were re-launched during the month, and the ideal results were also recorded. Among them, Xindi (00016) Baishijiao Yunhui Phase I was sold at a low market price in the form of tenders. About 327 transactions were recorded this month, and the cash is about 3.4 billion yuan. The Sunrise Kangcheng LP6 also added the unit price to the market at the original price, and recorded 323 transactions, with a turnover of about 3.2 billion yuan.

The vacancy tax is about to be introduced and the developers are now selling the existing building projects. This month, 266 cases of existing building goods were sold, accounting for about 10% of the total turnover. The recent projects in the vicinity of the building are also stepping up sales. For example, the shoal of 166 cases will be recorded in this month.

Small and medium-sized households

A number of projects were sold at market prices, which led to a large increase in the number of transactions. However, the transaction was mainly for small and medium-sized units. As a result, the amount has not increased significantly. The average transaction price per unit is about 104.22 million yuan. The monthly income of 11.89 million yuan fell by about 12%.

This month’s first-hand market temporarily recorded 2,540 transactions, the most prosperous month in 24 months since the 2,724 transactions were recorded in March 2017. However, there are still several days in March, and there are still about 270 new units available for sale in the next few days. If 70% of the units are sold successfully, it will surpass the March 2017 record and become the second most popular after the implementation of the new case. month.