Central District 5 to supply short-term difficult city

The Government is actively vacating and increasing the commercial supply of the Central District. There are 5 sites providing nearly 4 million square feet of floor space. However, the fastest new Central China Beach, No. 3, has a total area of ​​1.61 million square feet. To 2 years before the city should be.

The value of the new seaside city is 49.3 billion

The core area is mature and the new large commercial land is quite rare. In the face of the huge market demand, the Government can only provide about 3.945 million square feet of commercial space by removing the local government and community facilities to vacate more land for commercial development.

However, it is difficult for the various commercial sites to be affected by different factors. For example, the former Red Cross Headquarters of Admiralty will be affected by the relocation problem of Harcourt Road pumping station within the site. In the short term, it will not be implemented. Square foot floor area.

The market is expected, the region’s fastest future should be the city’s land, known as the dragon and the road on both sides of the Central New Harbor No. 3 land. The site covers an area of ​​2 million square feet and will provide 1,164,600 square feet of commercial floor supply for retail and office use.

However, the timetable for land launch will not only be affected by road infrastructure projects such as the Central Wan Chai Bypass, but also in the long term to be redeployed within the scope of the post office. The estimated land price per square foot is 25,000 to 30,000 yuan and the market value is as high as $ 41.1 billion to $ 49.3 billion.

At the same time, the area is located in the CITIC Building on the Central New Harbor 5 on the ground, originally expected in this 1 to 2 years to launch, to provide 624,000 square feet of floor, but the latest land for the construction of a new building, Loss of a commercial supply in the area.

The redevelopment of Golden Bell Gallery shall expire

As for another large commercial area in the area, the Golden Bell Gallery redevelopment plan will be required.

The Government plans to redeem the shopping malls into a large commercial building after the resumption of the operation of the Golden Camp Gallery. The base is for retail and catering areas, providing up to 100.4 million square feet, which is a commercial area with a core area of ​​more than one million square feet.

But because the gold gallery is currently leased to even Carver operation,