Central area supply expansive developers heavy hammer attack

There are three major reasons behind the fact that the developers are willing to hammer, and there are three major reasons behind the sale, including the sale of a piece of a small piece of money in Central China. There are rent and property prices behind the offer. Reflecting the long-term prospects for developers to look forward to commercial buildings.

The price of the city transfer is between $ 10.8 billion and $ 11.6 billion and $ 25,000 to $ 26,000 per square foot. The developer is willing to make a huge investment. The most important reason is that the commercial supply of the area is very rare. 00012) to the sky price per square foot of 50,000 yuan to vote in the Central Merlin Road commercial, is the region for nearly 20 years the first commercial, short-term in the region is also difficult to have large commercial launch.

Even in the private market, the total commercial floor of the Central Business District is not enough to be 100,000 square feet, making it difficult to create high quality properties. On the other hand, there are as many as 430,000 square feet of Kanagawa site and 28,000 square feet Feet, even if there are many restrictions on conservation, but the plasticity of high, conditional to create a Class A commercial buildings.

Rental property prices support “countable"

Secondly, more than 10 billion yuan land price appears to be staggering, but the per square foot premium of 25,000 to 26,800 yuan to calculate, with the same class A commercial property prices, rent level, is still “countable." For example, if the developer decided to sell and sell, a rough estimate of 35,000 yuan has a considerable profit of 35,000 yuan, refer to the adjacent Nan Fung sell all the commercial buildings The Wellington foot price of about 30,000 yuan, and recently received the purchase of Cheung Kong (01113 ) Central Center, the purchase price per square foot has reached 33,000 yuan.

Even if the developer plans to make long-term rents, the market is estimated to be $ 80 to $ 90 in terms of $ 3 to 3.5% of the rate of return, which is close to the nearby Central Center and Wan Yim Building. Moreover, after the completion of the project , Will become the region’s newer commercial buildings, the rent is expected to see a high line.

Central Kazakhstan a few vacant business opportunities unlimited

In the end, the developer is willing to invest 10 billion yuan, naturally because of the prospects of the core area of ​​commercial buildings, especially in the Central A small vacancy rate, there are many Chinese institutions interested in expanding the lease floor, and even the whole purchase, long There is no worry about no business opportunities.