Yongtai partners in the policy of winning billions of dollars to 10 billion to 11.6 billion in Hong Kong, the first three expensive

Capital Strategy), the market price of the city from the 10.8 billion to 11.6 billion yuan, a history of the past The third commercial place.

Since the Causeway Bay Excelsior Hotel, the market was once worried about dragging down the commercial trading atmosphere affected, but the URA announced yesterday the Central Jialan Street C site commercial land successfully awarded by the Wing Tai and capital strategy group consortium investment.

Bid high Hong Kong property optimistic about the prospects for commercial buildings

The project can be built 434,000 square feet, belonging to the rare large commercial land in the area. There are sources that developers bid 10.84 billion yuan, the floor price of about 25,000 yuan, and even the market news that the price of more than 11.62 billion yuan, floor price of 26,800 yuan, in one fell swoop has become the most expensive city ($ 24.6 billion), and Central Merlin Road ($ 23.28 billion), which is also the third largest commercial area in Hong Kong.

At the same time, in May this year, Murray Road land granted, less than six months has been the birth of three billion commercial king, and by Hong Kong investment, reflecting the local developers optimistic about the commercial market prospects.

It is understood that the project led by Yongtai development, accounting for 65% of the title, while the capital strategy accounted for 35%. The former for the first time in the core area of ​​Central commercial area, is also the first investment in the URA project, which in recent years is actively in the Shanghuan area along the acquisition of old buildings, to expand the territory.

Mr Tong Weixin, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Wing Tai Estate, said that the project was an important part of the redevelopment project in Central. The Chairman of the Capital Strategy Committee, Chung Chuyi, said that he would work with Wing Tai and the URA to build a new center.

In the future part of the foot stuffing up to 100 yuan

Mr Lam Ho-wen, Senior Director and Director of Valuation and Consulting, pointed out that the bid price was slightly higher than expected, reflecting the developer’s confidence in the commercial property market that the developer had already made a " Is a long-term rental options, it is estimated that the future part of the commercial rent will be 90 to 100 yuan, the rent rate of return of 3% to 3.5%.

Assuming a 10% distribution rate, together with a construction fee of $ 5,000 per square foot, the market is estimated to have a total investment of 13.22 billion to 14 billion yuan and 28,000 to 29,000 yuan per square foot. The developer of the sale of commercial buildings part of the foot price of at least 33,000 to 35,000 yuan, slightly higher than the same area of ​​second-hand commercial street price of 1 to 2 percent.

For example, 20 years adjacent to the age of COSCO Building, an earlier unit price of $ 32,500.

The Jamaican Street C site is one of the three redeveloped sites on the Pak Tin Street and Ka Keng Street project of the URA. It is also the only pure commercial site with no less than 100,000 square feet of hotel floor and office and retail Floor area accounted for 333,000 square feet, allowing the sale.

In addition, the A and B sites of the Ka-Ching Street residential section were purchased by the letter (00083) and Cheung Kong (01113) respectively. The latter had built a new disk, My Central.