Shang Heng 8 layered households on Friday tender

Hong Kong Societe Generale (00480) and Nan Fung’s Sha Tin Jiu Shang Shang Heng, a group of layers of the last week to more than 100 million yuan sold, developers Monday (23) launched eight separate households on Friday (27) for the single Day after the tender, yesterday for the first time open three present demonstration units for the media to visit, including two water room and a decoration with a demonstration unit, prospective buyers can make an appointment to visit.

Discovery Bay project debut next year

Shang Heng earlier in the form of bidding to sell 5 groups, sets of about 288 million yuan; this week for a single day of the tender 8 groups distributed in 1 and 2, including standard and duplex households, the practical area of ​​1554 to 1980 square feet. The project has so far launched all the stratified units, 13 houses still to be launched, the group plans the remaining units are available in the form of tender.

For the luxury market, Hong Kong Societe Generale sales and marketing assistant general manager Chen Xiuzhen said, “policy address" mainly for the first visitors, not the property market “plus spicy", she will be on the future luxury market high line, is expected to luxury The price will increase by about 10% next year.

Located in Shatin Road 37, Sha Tin, No. 37 Shang Heng total of 61, the practical area of ​​1554 to 3591 square feet, is expected to enter the end of this year.

Chen Xiuzhen added, the same Department is located in Discovery Bay No. N1d district residential projects, is pending pending pre-sale consents, the fastest launch next year. The project covers three residential buildings, the practical area of ​​about 350 square feet from the provision of 196, from open to 4-room interval, open units accounted for about 10% for the Discovery Bay for the first time in 30 years, there are such open Unit supply.