Bai Ju 2 grabbed the market, more than 10 transactions in a single day, Liangjing Village, 1.98 million hands-on

After the Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Housing Authority) White Form Home Ownership Scheme Second Market Plan (hereinafter referred to as Bai Ju 2) Heng Changhua, the first batch of successful bidders received the certificate of purchase qualification yesterday, and then entered the city. Yesterday, at least 10 Baiju 2 buyers rushed into the market on one day. One of the middle-aged customers took the lead and bought the public housing unit in Liangjing Village, Tuen Mun for 1.98 million yuan (not paid the land price. The same below), which is expected to be the first in Hong Kong. Zong Baiju two transactions. On the same day, the Xinpugang Homes Garden has a low-rise household. After 90, the boarding passengers will raise the first phase of the whole family. Scholars expect that the property market is at a corner, and the response of Baiju II buyers to the market will not be as expected, and it will be difficult to boost the property market in the short term.

Line up early to get a purchase card

Yesterday, the market recorded at least 10 cases of Bai Ju 2 transactions, and the Tuen Mun District alone accounted for 5 cases. Xiangyi Real Estate Sales Director Hu Zhiwei said that Liangguan Village’s 2 Liangjun Building high-rise 19-room two-bedroom households, with a saleable area of ​​443 square meters, opened in July with a price of 2.5 million yuan, yesterday fell to 1.98 million yuan, and the price was 4,470 yuan. In addition to the opening price of 520,000 yuan (20.8%), the relatively low-rise 6 rooms of 8 Liangxian Buildings in the same area cost 2.28 million yuan in June this year, and also sold 300,000 yuan (about 13.2%). The original owner purchased it for $643,000 in 2011, and the book still has a price of 1.337 million yuan (2.1 times).

It is reported that the buyer who entered the market this time is a 40-year-old family guest. On Saturday (20th), he was issued a white residence approval letter. On the following day, his wife went to the upper site, because the favorite unit was also smashed by other buyers. In order to avoid “night long dreams", the Housing Authority did not open the door yesterday morning, and queued up to buy a permit at 8:00 in the morning. After the evidence collection, it immediately entered the market and was expected to become the first transaction after Bai Ju Erheng Changhua.

On the same day, Tin Shui Wai also produced two transactions in the White House. The director of Cheung Yip Estate, Mr Siu Ka-wai, pointed out that after a purchaser obtained a purchase permit, he was too anxious to “scheduled and wait for the owner to sign the receipt" and eventually purchased it for $3.6 million. There is a 3-bedroom unit in the lower floor of Room 2, Yuhaoge, Block L, Tianzhuyuan, with a usable area of ​​650 square meters and a price of 5,538 yuan. The same area of ​​Block A, the pavilion, is very low-rise, 6 rooms. In June this year, the transaction price was 4.065 million yuan. The current cost was 465,000 yuan (about 11.4%). The original owner was purchased in 2013 for 1,755,400 yuan, and the book earned 1,844,600 yuan (about 1.1 times).

The whole family plans the first phase, after the 90s, the purchase of 4.5 million

Hu Zhiwei said frankly that the market demand for the housing market in Tuen Mun and Tin Shui Wai was significantly improved by the “Bai Ju II" buyers. A total of at least 7 transactions were recorded in the same day. “A lot of (buyers) have completed the certificate. Going to the horse, but due to the abundant market, there is no increase in the price or reverse price of the owners.

In the urban area, Mr. Pan Zuer, Assistant Manager of Fucheng Real Estate Branch, said that there were three “Baiju II” transactions in San Po Kong and Diamond Hill, including a low-rise K-room two-bedroom unit in San Po Kong Garden, with a saleable area of ​​449. Fang Wei, after 90 years of youth, negotiated a total of 300,000 yuan, to 4.5 million yuan, the price of 10022 yuan. The buyer has been in the same district for more than half a year. “There has been no price, so there is no chance to get on the train." After collecting the evidence yesterday, the whole family was mobilized to raise the first phase, and the car was successfully completed. In 2000, the original owner purchased the upper site with an unpaid land premium of 1.09 million yuan, earning 3.41 million yuan (about 3.1 times).

In August of this year, the cost of the same two-bedroom unit reached 5.18 million yuan, which is 12 low-rise E rooms with a practical area of ​​431 square meters. The price of the above-mentioned buyers was about 16.6% lower.

Mr. Mai Cui-cai, an associate professor in the Department of Finance and Decision-making at the University of Hong Kong, believes that the current property market is at a corner and that the subsidized housing source is not as good as that of private buildings. As a result, even if Bai Ju’s purchasing power comes out, the main cause of the goods is still “a large discount". . As this plan and the last plan are in the same market, I believe that buyers will be more cautious when entering the market. It is estimated that “there is more than the last time, and (the number of places) is used in half or more", and the short-term boost to the market Limited effect.