Lushan 13 million nine belly first blood

At the corner of the property market, the owners were shocked by the goods, and some real estate agents took the opportunity to “sell the goods". Century 21 Qifeng Property Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Li Junming [picture] recently used 13 million yuan to buy a low-rise household in Shaoshan, Shatin. The transaction price was over the owner’s purchase price three years ago and became the first eclipse in the Shatin Jiutian area. In Wanwan Peak, Tsuen Wan, there are owners who are eager to “three balls" to stock up, which is less than 10% in about 3 years.

Century 21 Qifeng Chairman first placed the goods

According to market news, the low-rise room C of the Yueshan Yuetung Pavilion has a usable area of ​​1009 square meters and 3 rooms. The original owner sold it for 18.2 million yuan last year. It has no buyers, and it has been sighed in May this year. After the price reduction, the price was still unsuccessful. Since last month, the price has been increased by 3.5 million yuan. It was sold out on the Sunday (21st) for 13 million yuan. The price was 12,884 yuan, compared with the housing estate. For the previous transaction, the price was 15254 yuan, a low of 15.5%. The original owner purchased it for 130.598 million yuan in 2015. The current account turnover was 59,800 yuan (about 0.5%). Together with the agency commission, it was more than 600,000 yuan.

Li Junming said in an enquiry that the site will be used for rent collection. It is estimated that the monthly rent will be about 33,000 yuan and the return will be about 3%. It is reported that Li Junming entered the market in the name of the first guest, meaning that only 3.75% of the property price is required to pay a total of 487,500 yuan of ad valorem stamp duty.

In addition, Wanjingfeng 3 middle-floor C-room 3 bedroom units, 823 square meters of practical area, Chen Wenjie, deputy regional business manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the original owner originally held the unit to collect rent, but because of the earlier purchase of new units, it is urgent to sell The unit returned the ad valorem stamp duty, so it did not hesitate to cut the unit from the price of 3,500,000 yuan to about 3 million yuan (about 18.2%), and the price was 1,423 yuan. Looking for information, it is located in the same room on the lower 20th floor of the upper floor. In May this year, the transaction price was 15.15 million yuan. The middle-level unit was cheaper than the similar low-rise households by 1.65 million yuan (about 10.9%). After the original owner’s price, according to the purchase price of 12.7 million yuan in 2015, the book will only earn 800,000 yuan (about 6.3%) in about 3 years.