He Wentian Station Phase II received 8 bids

The property market turned to the trend, but the railway housing project has always had a certain number of visitors. The second phase of the MTR (00066) Ho Man Tin Station Property Development Project (hereinafter referred to as Ho Man Tin Station), which was closed yesterday, is the railway property project with the highest land premium per floor (hereinafter referred to as floor premium). Eight tenders were still received, and the response was better than the six tenders received in the first phase of the tender at the end of 2016.

In the second phase of the southwest part of the Ho Man Tin Station project site, a total of 31 letters of intent were received on September 17, and the consortium was invited to enter the tender in the same month. The project closed the bid yesterday. On the spot, Pan Sutong, the chairman of Gaoyin Financial (00530), who won the first phase of Ho Man Tin Station, was admitted to the company through its Gaoyin Group. In the same area, there are new places (00016) and Kerry Construction (00683), and Changshi (01113), Hengdi (00012) and Huaying have representatives.

At the same time, some developers have formed a consortium to participate in the bidding, and Wheelock Real Estate and New World (00017) will bid for the project in a joint venture. China Overseas (00688) will shoot the letter (00083). The project received a total of 8 copies, which was two more than the two tenders received in the November 2016 tender for the first phase of Ho Man Tin Station.

Floor subsidy of 11,709 yuan Crown railway project

Zhang Jingda, executive director of Zhongyuan Surveyors, said that the project is located in a traditional luxury residential area and has a railway concept. The response is in line with market expectations. However, the property market has been flooded with negative news recently. The hillside Wenhui Road luxury homes have also unexpectedly flown. It is expected that developers will also tend to be conservative.

Lin Haowen, executive director and director of valuation and consulting at Knight Frank, believes that although the supply of large residential sites on the MTR station is limited, the number of tenders is only acceptable. It is believed that the Sino-US trade war, the implementation of vacant tax in Hong Kong and the interest rate hike are also factors. , affecting market reactions and bids.

The second floor of Ho Man Tin Station has a gross floor area of ​​approximately 639,382 square feet and is expected to build 900 to 1000 residential units. According to market news, the bidding has requirements for land premiums and dividends. The land premium is about 748.653 million yuan, and the floor premium is 11,709 yuan. The new floor price of the railway project is also higher than the first phase of 8459 yuan. About 38.4%. The successful bidder can pay the land premium in two phases, and the dividend ratio is 25%. In addition, developers are required to submit an entry price to the MTR on their own, in order to obtain the right to cooperate and develop the project in the manner of the highest price. Affected by the bad news, many surveyors have lowered the valuation of the project (including land premium) by about 10%. The general valuation is about 12.79 billion yuan, and the land price per square floor is about 20,000 yuan.