Huaying Langchenghui sold 504 units on Friday, temporarily received 2,400 votes

The property market has a poor atmosphere and unimpeded developers are pushing the market. The Huayuan Group’s Yuen Long Longchenghui yesterday pushed all the first three price lists and a total of 504 people on Friday (26th) for sale. This is the second-largest new sales unit for single-day sales this year. Can buy 3 groups. Cheung Kong (01113) Ma On Shan Xinghai has been re-elected, and the developer has added a payment plan for first-aid and post-paid, and provides a long delivery period of up to 850 days.

Langcheng Hui pushed the first three price lists to a total of 504 people on sale on Friday. After the sale of 707 pairs of Nanfeng’s Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Kangcheng LP6 in late September, this year’s single-day sales of new units. According to the sales arrangement, the big buyers are divided into A1, A2 and A3 groups. They can pick up the building first, buy up to 3 groups, and buy the designated 2 or 3 rooms. The upper limit is 252; the other buyers are Group B, you can buy up to two groups.

This year’s single-day sales of many new discs

Langchenghui, located at No. 1 Maheng Road, offers 720 gangs with a usable area of ​​319 to 754 square meters. It was admitted at the end of July 2020. The average price of 504 gangs sold on Friday was 16.3 million yuan. The market reported that it was tired as of last night. Received 2,400 votes, based on the unit sold, over 3.76 times. In addition, Chuang Shi China (00298) Yumen Strings has a total of 175 first-round sales on Thursday, the market said that as of last night, 670 votes, over 2.8 times.

Yang Guiling, Senior Sales Manager of Changshi, said that Xingyi Haigang has obtained satisfactory papers and notified the owners to repossess the property in a short period of time. He also launched the “485PLUS Payment Plan” for the first time and the post, providing a 485-day special transaction period, and then providing the buyer with a “delay”. For the payment of the balance of the transaction amount, the purchaser can apply for an extension of the transaction period of 12 months, resulting in a total turnover of 850 days. The group also pushed 6 groups to launch on Friday (26th). The project has sold 405 people so far, and the cash is over 7.5 billion yuan, leaving only 49 people for sale. The payment method shows that the special pre-stay and post-paid transaction plan is only suitable for the designated 4-bedroom households. The buyer must pay the occupancy fee every three months, which is about 1% of the property price.

The new store has a lot of investment in the big yard. Nanfeng’s south-level luxury residential project, No. 8 Deepwater Bay Trail, has two tenders, including two C-rooms on the 10th floor, with a saleable area of ​​4,214 square meters, sold for 3.111 million yuan. Out, the price of 74,000 yuan, the new level of the division of the South Division of the new high; another group of a 10th floor, Room B, the practical area of ​​3,641 square feet, the transaction price of 249.485 billion yuan, the price of 68,500 yuan, it is reported that the two The same group of customers purchased, a total of 562.244 billion yuan. The property has been linked to 3 groups this month, with a total of nearly 850 million yuan.

KADOORIA, a real estate project of Ho Man Tin, which was developed by CITIC Pacific Real Estate of CITIC Limited (00267), yesterday also sold the underground special gardens of No. 123 Kadoorie Road, with a practical area of ​​1961 square meters, with 767 square gardens, for 98.80 million yuan. The price is 50,382 yuan.