Xinghaihai pushes first and then pays and sells 6 households on Friday

In the light of multiple moves, Cheung Kong (01113) Ma On Shan Xinghai also stepped up the deployment of the remaining goods, launched the “first stay and pay plan" to attract customers, and pushed six more on Friday (26th).

Extra long time offer

Cheung Kong Ma On Shan Xinghai has obtained satisfactory papers and plans to gradually issue a notice of repossession to buyers in the short term. In order to tie in with the project, the developer will provide a new payment plan “485PLUS Payment Plan" for the first-time payment, purchase the designated 4 bedroom units, and the buyer will pay 20% of the transaction amount within 120 days of signing the temporary sale and purchase agreement. .

During this period, a license fee of 1% of the property price is required every three months. The license fee will be refunded after the transaction is completed, and the remaining 80% of the property price will be paid within 485 days.

Priced from 22.61 million to 38.48 million

In addition, the 485PLUS payment plan provides a “deferred payment of the balance of the transaction" offer, that is, the buyer can apply to extend the transaction period to 850 days after the signing of the temporary sale and purchase agreement to provide buyers with more flexible payment arrangements.

Yang Guiling, senior business manager of Changshi, said that the four-bedroom unit of the project has always been sought after by the buyers of the replacement building. The new first-time post-payment plan can help the buyers of the building to arrange more flexible arrangements. Yang continued, the project has uploaded the latest sales arrangements, and will launch 6 units in Block 2A on Friday, priced from 22.61 million to 38.48 million yuan.

A total of 405 people have been sold in Xinghai, and only 49 of them have been sold for sale, and the cash is over 7.5 billion yuan.