The price of bidding for sale is difficult.

From the way that recent developers are selling new discs, it is difficult to see the new measures of uncompleted flats to eliminate the situation of developers’ bidding and sighing. The prospective buyers have to shop around for bidding projects, so that the bidding price is closer to the market price.

Selling a priceless list, reducing the risk of price

In June, the government announced six new housing measures, one of which is aimed at developers to speed up the promotion of pre-sale flats, and the number of units sold each time is not less than 20% of the project. However, the measures failed to completely eliminate the situation. The first sales arrangement was announced on Saturday in Baishijiao Hairiwan. Rarely, there was no public offering in the form of price list. The first batch of units will be fully tendered. The entire project is 667, of which 20% That is 138 people. The project has been uploaded to the building last week. The developer has launched 138 tenders without unpublished price lists. In addition, the first sales arrangement of PARK YOHO Napoli in Yuen Long has been sold for 150 people, of which only 50 are for public sale, and the remaining 100 are Sold by tender.

Bid Opening or Not, the developer has full control

If the sale of the building is in the form of a tender, the developer does not have to announce the price in advance. The Ordinance does not require the developer to publish the tender price of the prospective purchaser. It does not have to bear the risk of setting the wrong price. Therefore, the market has no way of knowing the “market price" of the flat. “Level. Moreover, whether the developer accepts the bid price of the buyer and opens the bid, the decision is entirely in the hands of the developer, so it is inevitable that the bidding for the sale of the building is not transparent enough.

Therefore, if prospective purchasers need to buy a building through the form of bidding, it is best to pay more for the price. To refer to the price of the nearby real estate, especially for new or newer projects, the reference value will be even larger. Closer to the market price level.