Longchenghui temporarily received 2,400 votes, over 3 times

Huaying Yuen Long Langchenghui will be on sale this Friday (26th), with a total of 70% in the first round, accounting for 504, with a temporary closing of nearly 2,400 votes and oversubscription of more than 3 times.

Since the release of the first batch of unit prices last week, the Yuen Long Lang Cheng Hui has been responding to the ideal price. Recently, the unit has been pushed again. Up to now, 504 people have been launched, accounting for 70% of the total number of projects.

The project announced its first sales arrangement yesterday, and will push the project 504 people on Friday morning. According to the sales arrangement, the project has a large group of divisions, and 472 designated units will be allocated for the Group A period. Then, according to the number of units purchased by the group A buyers, they are subdivided into A1, A2 and A3 buyers, and up to 3 groups can be purchased.

String sea receives 600 votes, over 2 times

For example, buyers of Group A1 must purchase 2 to 3 designated residential properties, at least 2 of which must be 3 households and no more than 1 1 bedroom unit. A2 group must purchase 2 or 3 units, of which at least 1 3 bedroom units and at least 1 are 2 room units.

The project will intercept the intention registration at 8 pm tomorrow (24th). The market news indicates that the project temporarily received nearly 2,400 votes, which is more than three times over the first batch of 504.

On the other hand, the Chinatown (00298)’s Tuen Mun Choi Hai will release the first batch of 175 people on Thursday (25th). The market news indicates that the project has temporarily received about 600 votes, which is more than 2 times oversubscribed by the first batch of units. The project will be closed for registration at 10:00 pm today (23rd).