The NICHOLSON Building Buyer is expected to be the ex-husband of Longhu

Wharf (00004) and Nanfeng Co., Ltd. MOUNT NICHOLSON, No.8, Nie Gexinshan Road, Co., Ltd., sold the first phase of the 2nd house with a price of 1.399 billion yuan last month, with a saleable area of 9,217 square feet and a high price of 151,800 yuan. Breaking the price record of housing estate-style houses in Hong Kong for nearly 7 years, the number of buyers on the 10th Pule Road in the same district has finally revealed. According to the Land Registry’s information, the winner of the building is CAI KUI, whose name is the same as that of Wu Yajun, former chairman of Longhu Real Estate (00960), who has the opportunity to be the same person.

Bo Hao 6 million decoration house will open position

New World (00017) Yuen Long Low Density House Project in Boao, the opening of No.46 Lintong Mansion for open-air visits, 3484 square meters of practical area, 5 separate rooms with workers’ rooms, 1107 square meters private garden and 719 square meters roof. According to the developer, the house is accompanied by a parking space, and the whole house is refurbished with furniture and the investment is about 6 million yuan. The panel has so far sold 13 houses and cashed in over 575 million yuan.