Benefited from new commercial building sales completed MegaBox sales in the first quarter

MegaBox said that it has benefited from the completion of several offices in Kowloon Bay and new properties in Kai Tak, driving pedestrian flow and sales in the shopping malls. The average number of units recorded in the first quarter of this year increased, and it is expected that the annual turnover will increase by 10%.

Restaurant double-digit increase in business

Wen Jingzhi, Director of MegaBox, said that the average number of units reported in the first quarter increased, and the number of offices in Kowloon Bay and new properties in Kai Tak were completed, driving sales in the district and related merchants; the performance of restaurants and homeware merchants performed well. There is a double digit growth in business volume. She added that even though shopping malls 9 have become local tourists, more and more tourists are shopping outside the traditional tourist areas in recent years. As shopping malls are close to cruise terminals, I believe that the proportion of tourists in the future will increase. With regard to rental, nearly 20% of the shop area needs to be renewed this year, about half of which have already been implemented, and the average rent increases by 20%.