Taikoo City, Taiwan’s Taichung households 13.9 million

The price of the Hong Kong Island Blue-chip Estates took a turn for the worse. The two-bedroom units in Taikoo Shing continued to sell for 13.9 million yuan, creating a new high for the housing estates. As for the price of Tseung Kwan O’s new capital, it was the first time that it surpassed the 10 million yuan mark.

After the price of the two-bedroom property in Quarry Bay Kornhill exceeded 10 million yuan, another index house, Taikoo City, has experienced a new high in relay prices. The market pointed out that there are two floors in the tower, with a total area of ​​589 square feet. The main outlook is on the mountain and the building. It was sold out with a new high of RMB 13.9 million, which was an old record of 13.5 million yuan since the end of March. It is 3% higher and the price is 23,599 yuan.

The Parkside has a room with a price of 18,000

It is learnt that the unit can be sold with a lease and does not rule out the purchase of rent by new buyers. Wu Rongji, senior division manager of Midland Properties, pointed out that after the above-mentioned units were released, there was no room for two houses with roofs, the supply was extremely low, and the prices of the two houses were supported. In less than a month, it was twice a record high.

In addition, ten million-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-thousand-family tenants were found in Tseung Kwan O, with a total of 10.2 million yuan. Huang Shaoming, the regional manager of Midland Property Management, pointed out that there were two high-rise F floors in Phase 3 of Metro City, with a floor area of ​​626 square feet and a price of RMB 16,294. It is reported that buyers for the same area for the family, has been checking the building for 3 months, love the southeast direction of the unit, and finally purchased the above units at a new high price.

Secondly, Wu Jinji, the business manager of Centaline Real Estate’s deputy division, pointed out that the price of the villa was 18,000 yuan. Unit 2A is a low-rise B room with a saleable area of ​​398 square feet, with a transaction price of 7.25 million yuan, and a price of 18,216 yuan. Compared with 2014, it had a first-hand purchase price of 4.985 million yuan, an appreciation of 2.265 million yuan, and a margin of 45%.

Some reports have pointed out that the average price of 50 housing estates in Hong Kong has reached a record high for 14 consecutive months. Lijiage Real Estate Research Department pointed out that the average price for the 50 housing estates in March was reported at 14,371 yuan, up 1.7% from the previous month. The other quarter rose 4.6%, up 2.8% from the fourth quarter of last year. In February 2016, property prices have risen for 24 consecutive months, a total of 32.1%.

50 housing estates are selling at a new high for 14 consecutive months

Looking forward to the second quarter, Leng Weiqiang, president of Lijiage Real Estate, anticipates that the new market will sell well. Second-hand can only proceed slowly and steadily. It is also expected that the increase in second-hand property prices in April will be reduced to 1.5% to 2%.

As for the data of the Midland Real Estate Property and Research Center and the Comprehensive Land Registry, the average second-hand amount in the first quarter reached 7.73 million yuan, up 16.5% year-on-year, of which the area was less than 300 square feet, such as the Liwan House in Tsuen Wan, and the average The amount of each case rose by 20% to 4.852 million yuan from a year earlier of 4.028 million yuan.

New property prices also rose. The Central China Real Estate Research Department pointed out that in the first quarter of 2018, the number of first-hand private residential sales contracts registered an average of 16.08 million yuan each, which was the second highest since records began.