Hong Kong dollars a small rent of 197 yuan the world’s first

The latest study shows that the rents in Hong Kong are the highest in the world for four years, with the latest average monthly rent of more than $ 197, compared with the second place in New York, about 88% higher.

Knight 2018 “Global City Report" analysis of 23 global cities, 30 or more commercial buildings rent performance, found that Hong Kong and Macao for four consecutive years ranked first in the world, the average monthly rent of more than 197 yuan, compared with the second Of New York about $ 105 per square foot, 88% higher.

Keep records for four consecutive years

The report also pointed out that the supply of quality commercial buildings in Hong Kong is limited, but the demand is sustained. It is expected that the rents in the next six months will rise by 1.1%, and the average monthly rent will be $ 200 per month. “The demand for commercial buildings in Hong Kong’s core area has risen by about 3% in the first half of this year and the second half of the year is expected to rise by another 2 to 4%," said Lin Haowen, senior director and director of valuation and consulting, said the second and second half of this year. Year, the supply of many, this year there are 100 million to 2 million square feet of floor completed, is expected this year the next few months, the rent will still be down, adjust 3 to 4%, there are polarization.

He said that the United States and the United States to the United States and the United States to the high price of commercial transactions, resulting in the regional commercial prices surged, six months by the average price of only about 30,000 yuan, rose to the recent average price of 35,000 yuan, due to devaluation of the renminbi Factors, even if the central authorities in recent years to tighten the mainland funds to invest, but the consortium has continued to enter the city of high quality commercial buildings or land.

The report also refers to the Asian cities in recent years, rents continue to rise, the top ten half of the Asian cities, including Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China. Knight Frank and director of the Greater China Research and Consulting Division said that since the beginning of the year, the amount of investment in commercial funds and land purchased by Mainland funds has risen by more than $ 4.6 billion, up four percentage points.