Xindi Xiangle building this film at the reserve price of more than 1.6 billion

The developer will actively bid for the old buildings in the urban area. Today, two projects will be carried out by the Wan Chai Road Cheung Wo Building and Causeway Bay Tsukiji Street 11 and 13 respectively. Cheung Lo Building, completed in 1964, is located in Wan Chai Road 222 to 228C, 9-storey, up to 53 years old, by the new land (0016) led the consortium in 2015 from the low-key acquisition, has accumulated nearly Jiucheng title , And applied to the Lands Tribunal for a strong shot, and in August this year approved the application for strong film.

Yongyi not Dichen Street old floor auction price of 440 million

Data show that the project auction price of 1.62 billion yuan, the new land and other intent to rebuild into commercial buildings, the project site area of ​​8745 square feet to 15 times the plot ratio, the building can be built about 131,000 square feet, calculated, Surface price of about 12,400 yuan, expected to be reconstructed into a 25-storey commercial buildings.

(1218), the site is about 3,000 square feet, is expected to rebuild the floor of about 43,000 square feet to the reserve price of $ 414 million dollars per square foot of land price of 10,300 yuan yuan. First Pacific Davis Valuation and professional consultancy services Managing director Chen Chaoguo said that in recent years, mainland developers to enter Hong Kong, with high prices successfully invested a number of government tender land, and local developers do not want to land prices and domestic business Positive confrontation, only the choice of urban mergers and acquisitions for the reconstruction of development, so this year’s strong application for more than last year,

Zhang Shengdian called the first set on the car can be removed from the first phase

In addition, Zhang Shengdian, Director of Development Department of Pu Jin Holdings (formerly known as Ideal City Group), said that the 12 projects proposed by the Land Supply Task Force were feasible, but they found that “no-go" programs such as reclamation, border , Will provide land supply faster.

The other Kai Tak development area is still the future of the supply of land in the future, coupled with the vicinity of the soil has a lot of soil has been designated as residential land, the main land supply. For the first set on the wheel, Zhang Shengdian suggested that the Government may consider exempting the buyer from the first phase, directly for the building, he wants to resell, only need to pay the first phase.