The silver master has come

Recently, although the new atmosphere is impressive, second-hand trading is generally quiet, the market is the main disk by the silver disk spark, how many times by the property launched, the type of all kinds of residential, including luxury, as well as shops. Although the silver master more, but can successfully sell, than the same type of unit “flat one big cut", the buyers are very attractive.

Frequent low market price of 20% to 30%

Cheap silver master in addition to investors compete for the object, there are user market, cheap “benefit" users, frequently low market price of 20% to 30%, silver master is also gradually accepted by users in the auction house open day, among them are the scene-users, especially Penny residential building.

Recently, the auction room on the same day to launch more than 40 items, the results, sold four of the four houses, the silver is the main disk, including a more than 4000 million luxury. Recently there have been many silver master plate by multi-property loans from different financial companies. Insiders said that the next few months, the silver master will continue to pour out, in addition to ordinary sources, there are half of the floor and other alternative sources.

More by property

There are analysts that in recent years, mortgage lending policy has been tightened in recent years, borrowers are not easy to borrow money from banks, and thus turn to the financial company, because the finance company lending loans are relatively small, so the borrower sometimes not only to a loan , But to a number of financial companies to borrow, due to high interest rates, many people to borrow debt, until the borrower has no ability to contribute so far, the unit reduced to silver master.