The dollar is on the upper floor

After the Federal Reserve’s interest rate, the market’s current focus falls on the tax reform program launched by Trump. Although there is widespread support within the Republican Party, there is still a need for Democratic support because there are not enough votes in Congress. But the Democratic Party on the lowest class tax rate is not supported, it is expected to still need time to discuss.

In addition, as tax reform will further expand the fiscal deficit, how to fill the belief is a big problem, the future there is a credit rating agencies to lower the risk of rating.

Tax deficit to expand the deficit

As for the foreign exchange market, the US dollar index continued to rise, is about to rise to the first resistance level, that is, around the level of 94, is the rebound ratio of about 0.236 gold. But the asset price rebounded, more decent should rebound to 0.382, that is about 96 or so.

In addition to the future to pay attention to Yelun speech, the more important is the non-farm job data. Due to the earlier by the two storms hit, so the market is generally optimistic about the September data, but if the data is much higher than expected, the dollar or conditions to further rise