HNA to play precision poverty alleviation by the Agricultural Bank of 30 billion solution refers to the financial situation in the history of the most healthy

HNA Group recently rushed out of funds, was stopped by domestic and foreign banks to stop the news, but yesterday seems to be the main road, get one of the four lines of ABC (1288) credit 30 billion yuan (RMB, the same below). Hainan Airlines Group announced that the Agricultural Bank of Hainan Province in Hainan Province signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the Agricultural Bank of Hainan Province will be provided to the Hainan Airlines Group 5-year total of 30 billion yuan of comprehensive credit line to help HNA Group to develop urban infrastructure and airport logistics facilities, Landing and implement “precision poverty alleviation".

Hainan Airlines Group was awarded the Agricultural Bank of 30 billion yuan, the market analysis that indirectly clarify the recent rumors of financial tension. HNA also, like several other star enterprises, responded to the national policy of “precision poverty alleviation" in exchange for official support.

Hainan Airlines Department of the company’s lending situation, the recent market focus, as early as foreign news quoted, HNA system in Hong Kong after the high investment in Kai Tak land, some banks refused to provide refinancing. However, the Department of Navigation has previously denied the report, stressed that there is sufficient funds to develop Kai Tak project.

On the other hand, under the tightening supervision of the central government, the pace of overseas mergers and acquisitions this year has also slowed sharply from $ 30 billion (about HK $ 234 billion) last year to $ 10 billion since the beginning of the year About HK $ 78 billion).

Slow down the pace of overseas mergers and acquisitions

Tan Xiangdong, co-founder, vice chairman and chief executive officer of Hainan Airlines Group, said at the meeting in Hong Kong on Tuesday that the Group’s financial situation was the most healthy and beneficiaries of the natural growth of the business and the momentum of mergers and acquisitions. An increase of 119%, investment returns increased by 40% year on year, profit increased by 45% year on year.

Asked how to balance investment at home and abroad, he believes that China and the United States to maintain good relations, also very much watched “along the way" along the area of ​​overseas investment, the Group also acquired an airport in Brazil, that is a great opportunity for confidence in the future The

Hainan Airlines yesterday in the press release also mentioned that the contract with the Agricultural Bank of China on the credit, based on the two sides in the service of “three rural" purpose and strategic positioning of a high degree of fit, the two sides also have a good basis for cooperation, have the potential to expand the future development space.

In the area of ​​precision poverty alleviation, HNA Group uses scientific and effective procedures to implement accurate identification, precision assistance and precise management of poverty alleviation objects, and to develop its own mature experience in various fields and help the masses to get rid of poverty. In addition, Hainan Airlines Group closely follow the national strategy, attaches great importance to agricultural and rural areas of development and cooperation.