Top 10 housing transactions expected to create a 5 month high by four percent to 170 cases 6 house birthday new building king

The market a number of new disk hot, part of the back to the future of the second-hand market, leading the market recorded a series of cross-linked transactions, the volume also rebounded. The top ten housing estates recorded 158 transactions this month, representing a total of about 170 cases, up about 40% from the previous month, and a new high of 5 months in April this year. Rise. In addition, the top ten housing estates, there are six estates chain new building king, reflecting the lack of buyers is willing to break the top price into the market. Ming Pao reporter Xie Yingyi

Although the top ten housing market volume since May this year has fallen below 200 levels, but as of yesterday, the major housing this month, 158 records, has surpassed last month, 119, an increase of 30% Will be up to about 170, the volume will follow the 249 cases in April, a record high of 5 months. In the last ten months, the top ten flats recorded a 1.5-fold increase in the South Korean Peninsula in Ap Lei Chau. The estate recorded only 4 transactions last month, but only 10 were recorded this month.

Huangpu nine seven goods more than 10 million to sell 1 times

Kowloon area, there are Lai Chi Kok Mei Fu Village “price Qi Sheng", but also gave birth to the new building king. In the past, there are 14.88 million flats in the market, which are almost equal to $ 15,000 in real terms and a record high of $ 12,273, up 0.6% from the previous month, Two months to stabilize at 1.22 million level. In addition, the first city of Sha Tin has three houses to 10.38 million yuan to change hands, the transaction price of a new level of housing delimiters, the average real estate this month, almost equal to 15,200 yuan, up 2.15 on the previous month %.

Whampoa Garden in Hung Hom has the latest price of over $ 10 million. APB, chief executive officer of the United States Branch, said Huangpu Garden 4 6 low-rise G room, the practical area of ​​814 square feet (construction area of ​​923 square feet), is a 3-room interval, For personal use, $ 12,899 ($ ​​11,376). The original owner in February 1997 to spend 51.5 million yuan to buy, the transfer of the book profit of about 5.35 million yuan, the appreciation of about 1 times.

Kang Lok Yuan silver main house low half of the market price to sell

In addition, the alternative units have also been received by the buyer, which Tai Po Paradise Park, a silver main house to sell at low prices. Market sources said the unit is located in the second floor of the second floor of the recreational park, the useful area of ​​2579 square feet, even about 2,600 feet of the garden, the original owner in 2007 to 23.2 million yuan to buy into the murder in 2014 became a fierce house, then more For the silver master. Recently, investors to 21 million yuan to undertake, compared with 10 years ago the purchase price of 2.2 million yuan or about 1 percent, nearly 50% lower than the normal unit.

Agents in the fourth quarter second hand trading is still in the doldrums

Central Central Asia Pacific Vice President and President of Housing Chen Yongjie said that although the top ten housing transactions rebound, but this month the overall second-hand market turnover is still less than 3000 cases, compared with the normal 8000 to 9000 level is still low, and next month The government announced the policy report, if the first set on the plate on the large-scale development, coupled with the US Federal Reserve announced that the next month, the negative news will continue to combat second-hand market, expected fourth quarter second-hand market trading is still low in the hovering.