The price of 10 big housing estates has stabilized. 7 liters this month

The price of 10 big housing estates has stabilized. 7 liters this month

This month was the low season of the property market. The top 10 housing estates recorded 152 transactions, down 17% month-on-month. However, there is a sign that property prices are picking up. The price of the seven estates has risen by a month, and the city of Quarry Bay has risen to the highest. The accumulation of purchasing power, coupled with the stabilization of property prices, is expected to be in Xiaoyangchun in March.

According to the statistics of the 10 major housing estates in February, as of February 26, 152 transactions were recorded, compared with 184 cases last month, which was 17% less month-on-month. Affected by the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year holiday in February, the trading volume of half of the estates fell month by month. The number of transactions in Cheung Sha Wan Estate in Cheung Sha Wan recorded 3 transactions in February, which was 63% less than the month in January.

As for the price of the top 10 housing estates, there is a sign of a recovery. The price of the seven estates has risen by month, with an increase of 0.6%. The price of the flats was only 0.3 in the Hung Hom Estate, the Whampoa Garden, the Quarry Bay and the Ap Lei Chau and the Ap Lei Chau, which fell by 0.2% to 1.3%.

10 big housing estates 152 transactions fell 17%

The best performance of the price is the Taikoo City, the leading housing estate. The latest price is 19,963 yuan, which is 18,140 yuan lower than the price of January, and the monthly increase is 10%.

Looking up the record, at least 10 transactions were recorded in Taikoo Shing this month. The price of the sale was over 20,000 yuan, and the other six transactions were over 20 million yuan. The high-quality households stimulated the price of Taikoo City soaring. The latest transactions include Meiju Pavilion. High-rise Room B, 3-bedroom sea view households with an area of ​​1,015 square feet. Wang Xiufen, the business manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate Division, said that the unit was 22.8 million yuan and the price was 22,463 yuan.

Secondly, Wu Liji, the senior division business manager of Midland Real Estate, believes that Taikoo City has rebounded in recent days, and has entered the price of Xiaoyangchun. It is assumed that the price increase of the owners is not large, and the transaction performance in March is expected to be satisfactory.

Mei Foo New Village also recorded high-quality convex sea-going transactions. Zhu Daqiang, the chief co-director of Hong Kong Property, pointed out that the low-rise room B of 16 Broadway Street has a saleable area of ​​1,329 square feet. The owner reversed the price of 1 million yuan and sold out for 19 million yuan. The largest transaction in a few months, the price was 14,296 yuan.

In addition, the average price of housing estates this month was reported at $13,622, up 6.8% month-on-month.

Jiahu price of 10240 rose by 3%

The price of the Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei, the car park, was reported at 10,240 yuan, up 3% month-on-month. It was the first time in October last year, which was 10,000 yuan, which was about 9% higher than the low of 9,428 yuan in November. Wen Jiahui, deputy regional sales manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the entry price of the two-bedroom housing in recent days has risen to more than 4.8 million yuan. It is expected that the market situation will be relatively wait-and-see in early March. Whether the housing estate can have Xiaoyangchun depends on the buyer. The degree of acceptance of the price.