Big owners are free of spicy and continue to enjoy the rates relief

Big owners are free of spicy and continue to enjoy the rates relief

The Financial Secretary, Chen Maobo, read out a new Budget this morning. Will there be a “good wave” to make more than 7 million Hong Kong people happy, and then they will know.

The Financial Secretary has repeatedly predicted that the economic outlook is uncertain. “Supporting enterprises, ensuring employment and stabilizing the economy” is the general direction. This year, although the surplus of the Treasury has shrunk by tens of billions of dollars, it is estimated that tax rebates and concessions will be reduced. The measures will continue, only the difference in how much sugar is sent.

In last year’s Budget, Chen Maobo introduced a waiver of the annual rate, and the ceiling for each household increased from 1,000 yuan in the previous year to 2,500 yuan. However, although the policy has been well received by the middle class, it has also provoked criticism that the big owners and large companies that hold “Ming Yi” holding multiple properties have made them the most beneficiaries of the relief. They have voices demanding that the authorities “correct” them.

In view of this, after the study, the Government submitted a proposal to the Legislative Council earlier. Instead, the owners and the property were used as the units for determining the amount of the rate concession. However, the Government has been dissatisfied and the members of the public have expressed their views. Oppose, urging the shelving of the revision.

When Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue attended the question and answer session of the Legislative Council last month, the Liberal Party Zhong Guobin proposed to withdraw the new system for the big owners. Lin Zheng replied that the idea was to respond to Members’ demands for the Budget over the years and he could not do so. Since then, Lin Zhenghe and other officials have not clearly indicated any decision.

The Government revealed that although the Administration has not yet officially announced whether to implement the new measures for the waiver of rates, the Chief Executive has indicated that there will be no dissatisfaction. The Chief Executive has indicated that he will not force the launch. The Government should stop the scheme. The contents of the Budget are expected to lay down the hearts of the major owners and the “rental collection”.

The source stressed that when some Members asked the Government to plug the loopholes, the business sector had no objection. Until the Administration submitted the improvement plan to the Legislative Council, the members of the public were suddenly opposed. The Members who had urged the Government to “do it” became silent.

The person further explained that at present, the tenants who are located in the big owners or large enterprises are generally responsible for paying the rates. For example, most tenants in the shopping malls have to bear this expenditure. If the new calculation method is adopted, it is always “good”. To do bad things, the eclipse is the SMEs and small businesses, and finally decided to stop the amendments to avoid a new controversy.