Tuen Mun 5 Government Landed to build a 10,000-person public housing estate

Tuen Mun 5 Government Landed to build a 10,000-person public housing estate

The Housing Authority plans to build a total of 10,730 public housing blocks in five rezoned government sites in Tuen Mun. The project will start as soon as this year and is expected to be completed in 2023. The Civil Engineering and Development Department is actively studying the improvement of the nearby infrastructure. The development of the site is a three-level historic building, Castle Peak Tao Kiln. Members of the District Council will be affected.

Completed in 2023, research and improvement of nearby infrastructure

According to the documents submitted by the Housing Department to the Tuen Mun District Council, the five sites include the north of Hu Shan Road in Area 28, the adjacent Wang Wong Road in Area 17 and the west of Hang Fu Street in Area 16, and the 39th District. To the south, and to the east of Zhaoxing Road in the 23rd district. The plot ratio of the five plots is 6.5 times. The area occupied by the 17th district is 2.41 hectares, and about 3,550 people can be built. The total number of projects is 4, and the height of the building is about 39 to 41. It is expected to live close to 10,000 people.

The Honourable Member of the Tuen Mun District, Mr Man Wai Wai, said that Tuen Mun has been in development for more than 30 years. It has been described as the Government’s “building a needle" and becoming a blind spot. Another member of the Council, He Xingmei, believes that the authorities have not yet explained the transportation facilities in the area, fearing that the nearly saturated traffic infrastructure will be difficult to load. The district council will discuss the issue on the 5th of next month.

There are also reports that the HS is reviewing the “not subsidized sale of rental housing schemes". It can only be rented out of flats and can be rented to conditional rental. A spokesman for the HS pointed out that the scheme was being reviewed and the Government discussed the optimization measures to attract more owners and tenants. Since the implementation of the scheme, the HKHS has received 12 applications from owners and 53 tenants. At present, 4 eligible rental certificates and 23 eligible rental certificates have been issued but there have been no successful matching cases.

The Democratic Party member Yin Zhaojian believes that “zero matching" reflects the failure of the plan. It is suggested that if the owner is allowed to rent the whole unit, a mechanism should be set up to require the owner to refund the rent to the government at the rate of no premium.