Central Plains pushes the whole period down to H plus 1.23%

Central Plains pushes the whole period down to H plus 1.23%

There is a sign of a fall in the short-term Hong Kong dollar interest rate. Some mortgage intermediaries have taken the bank to launch a low-interest transfer plan. The interest rate is as low as H plus 1.23%, which is the lowest for the whole city H. It is reported that the loan threshold is only 1 million yuan. .

Yesterday, the Hong Kong dollar once approached the weak guarantee level. However, the one-month interest rate of the Hong Kong dollar also fell to a low of nearly five months. The Central Plains mortgage announced that it would set a low interest rate to repay the concession. The whole period was as low as H plus 1.23%, which was calculated by yesterday’s one-month interest rate of 0.91%. The actual interest rate is 2.14%, the cash rebate is up to 2.1%, and the mortgage period is up to 30 years. It will be applied to small and large amount of applications.

Re-registration number monthly announcement

In view of the current H-to-return scheme provided by the market banks, large banks can generally grant H interest rates ranging from H plus 1.235% to H plus 1.24%. The loan requirement is required to be between $3 million and $5 million, and 2,000. The yuan-rated rebate offer is still only available to first-hand new properties and is not covered until the application for re-transfer.

Wang Meifeng, managing director of Zhongyuan Mortgage Co., said that the building is fiercely competitive. In recent months, the bank has actively attracted customers, slightly lowering interest rates and raising the cash rebate rate. This year, the number of developers will increase significantly. To promote the re-entry application, it is expected that the number of re-registration registrations in 2019 will maintain a high level of over 30,000.

In order to provide comprehensive data to the market, Yang Mingyi, co-director of the Central China Real Estate Research Department, said that the monthly re-registration registration figures and the relevant bank market share will be announced. Last year, there were 33,899 private property re-elections, up 7% year-on-year. Accounted for approximately 47% of the total mortgage registration rate, both the number and the amount recorded positive growth for six consecutive years. Last year, the developer’s high number of mortgages successfully transferred to the bank accounted for about 3% to 5%. It is expected that this proportion will increase this year. .

In addition, Liu Yuanyuan, the chief vice president of the Meridian Mortgage Referral, said that the interest rate suspension, the low interest rate environment continued and the high cash rebate, and the property market gradually recovered, it is expected that the turnover of the owners will increase significantly this year, the number is expected to exceed 3.8. Wan Zong.