The derby rich consortium 9.8 billion won the Kaide

The derby rich consortium 9.8 billion won the Kaide

The Lands Department announced that No. 1 District 4B of Kai Tak Runway, a super consortium led by Wheelock (020), and its subsidiary Infinite Sun Limited, with a maximum of $9.893 billion. With a face area of ​​about 722,000 square meters, the land price per floor is about 13,702 yuan, in line with market expectations.

The project was closed on Friday and received 6 tenders, including the joint ventures of Wheelock Group New World (017), Henderson Land (012) and China Overseas (688). The site is the original airport runway area with a site area of ​​about 103,151 square feet and is designated for private residential use; the plot ratio is about 7 times and the maximum floor area is 722,060 square feet, but the site faces the Kowloon Bay business district and the typhoon shelter. Row, facing the Kowloon Bay Children’s Hospital, the landscape is average.

Liang Zhijian: Ignore the vacant tax

Mr. Leung Chi-kin, Vice Chairman of Wheelock, said that the previous site was adjacent to Area 4B, No. 2, which was awarded by China Overseas. The land price per floor was 13,523 yuan. It is only a few hundred dollars higher than the one. The winning bid price is reasonable. He expects to invest about 16 billion yuan and will build two to four-bedroom units. The group still has a strong interest in the future of Kai Tak. Regarding whether the bid reflects the vacant tax, he said that the consortium did not pay attention to the bid, and did not believe that the government would continue to suppress the developers, saying that they only bid according to their own conditions and will sell them as soon as possible after completion.

Lin Haowen, executive director and director of valuation and consulting at Knight Frank, believes that the price is in line with expectations, but it is the expected lower limit. Although it reflects that real estate developers are still optimistic about the market outlook, especially the United States may not be able to raise interest rates again, but there are factors such as “vacant tax”. Be sure to consider. He estimated that the project is a luxury residential development with a total development cost of about 15 to 17 billion yuan, which is expected to start at 25,000 yuan per sale. He added that the land was looking at the seascape on the runway, and the developer had a discount on the bid for the whole seascape.